Weird Acne Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!

It just won’t get volume. Up, up there it is. There it is. You guys like my attempt
at a little top knot? I mean, it’s fine. It just looks a little
too, like, Belle. I would know. It’s Rachel. So I showed you guys in
my opinion like every life hack known to man, which if you
think about it, is a good sign. Because it means you guys
like seeing life hack videos. So here’s another
life hack video. Today I’m going to show
you guys acne life hacks. Weird ones that I think
everyone should know. I’ll show you some
life hacks that are just some like tricks
just to get rid acne, and then I’ll show
you some life hacks that a little tricks
to cover it up so it doesn’t look
all cakey and stuff. If you guys didn’t know,
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which life hack you were the most shook by. Shooketh. Shookund. So for the first
life hack, you’re going to need Neosporin
and a Band-Aid. First you’re going to
take your Neosporin and put it on your pimples. And then just take a Band-Aid. Cover it up. Cute right? So you basically just
sleep with the band-aids with the Neosporin under it,
and when you wake up your pimple would be like 80% gone. Because the whole point of this
is to like aid with infections, so you don’t get an infection,
and it heals faster. And your pimples are
really just infected pores. So. I mean the pimples aren’t
going be gone right now, I haven’t literally
slept and then come back. And then there was this
super weird life hack that I was able to figure
out when I was in school. If you take an eraser,
you can pretty much erase your black heads. I know that sounds weird. I know. But here. Just watch. Don’t look at this next
part of your easily grossed out but
this is the eraser. It is literally disgusting. I’d rather it be on the
eraser than be on my face. And it’s not just
the eraser shavings, because these eraser
shavings are pink. Sticking with a black head one. All you’re going to
need for this one is– weird as heck, OK? A vacuum cleaner. But we all have one, so it’s
not like it’s that weird that I have one right now. A water bottle, and a straw. You’re going to want to cut the
bottom off the water bottle. And then cut a small hole in
the top of the water bottle, but does this very
safely, or with a parent. I am an adult so I
can do it myself. And then just take a straw and
stick it in the little hole so you have a
little weird device. Now you’re going to take
this little weird device and stick it on
the vacuum cleaner. And then you’re going to
turn on the vacuum cleaner, and this is basically
just literally suck off your blackheads. It lightly works
for whitehead’s too, but it’s way better
at flatheads. But here is a little
whitehead ready. And you don’t have
to worry about a mess because, it’s in the vacuum. So that’s how you use a
vacuum cleaner to suck out all your pimples, right? Hot, right? I always wanted to do that,
but my mom would never let me. Well, ha ha, Mom, I have
my own vacuum cleaner now! You can’t stop me. This next life hack is perfect
for if you get a bunch of those under skin pimples. You know what I’m
talking about right, the ones that
actually are the worst thing in the entire world. I usually get the
under skin pimples here, in between my eyebrows,
on my nose you literally, can’t do anything
about it and you can’t pop them or do
anything because they’re under your skin. And if you squeeze them
you’re going to scar yourself. So here’s a life hack
on how to get them out from under your skin. It is a little time consuming. You have to do this literally
for like 10 to 20 minutes straight. But how bad do you want
that baby out, right? You take an ice,
cube and you kind of go over it or hold it
on it for like 20 seconds. If you can bear doing that. And then you take some hot
water and go over that. And then switch you
with the ice cube and go back and forth but
for like 20 seconds each. And keep going. I would say the sweet time
is like 10 to 20 minutes. It usually takes my white heads
like 10 minutes to come out it. Might take yours 20. It might take someone else 30. It might take someone
else two minutes. I don’t know. It depends how far
down the skin it is. But just go over and over with
an ice cube and some hot water, and under skin pimples
going to cause her to no longer be under the skin. And then you can
deal with it then. I won’t tell your dermatologist. Don’t worry. But if you do do the
dirty with your acne, and let’s say after
that under skin pimple is no longer under
your skin, you pop it, and now you’re
full of acne scars. Such as happened when you pick
off a wound from your body when it’s trying to heal. There’s something wrong
with you for having them. I had them. Not anymore though, because
I have the best life hack! Take some calamine lotion. Shake it, shake it,
shake it up baby! If you put it on your skin
wherever your acne scars are, mine were like over here. And do that every night
until the acne scars are more or less diminished. And now about all of the
fun stuff that we just did is off my face. My favorite life hacks to cover
up pimples, which may or may not work for you. It works for me have you
ever seen these band-aids? You have to make sure that
it’s a hydrocoloid Band-Aid. Does that– Do you guys, have
you ever heard of that word? If you put it on
your face alone, it very much absorbs any oils. This is what it looks like. They also just happen
to be in my skin color and, if they’re not
your skin color, you can change
that really easily. Here’s where I’m getting
at right now, OK guys? I like to take the Band-Aid
and a hole puncher, and hole punch the various
sides of this Band-Aid because it’s the flattest. And then you get a nice little
pimple size Band-Aid, right? For the most part
this conceals it, but also gets rid of the acne. So. Then I like to conceal
over it, so it just matches my skin exactly. It picks up product really well. If you don’t want to wear
it to cover up your pimple, you could just wear
before you go to bed, because it does absorb all
the dirt and oil it into it, and then when you remove it– it’s got a little tiny
dot inside of oil. Do you ever try to
conceal your pimples, but they’re so far along
in the healing process that they’re like
dry and crusty, and there’s nothing
you could do about it. If you take eye cream, and you
put it over the scabby pimple. Don’t blend it in. Let it sit. Let it sit for as long
as it needs to sit. Until that pimple
is no longer dry. It’s kind of just skin again. And then once it’s
skin again, you could just conceal
it like normal, and there’s not
really any problem. My nose is always
super oily, and my chin is always super oily. And there was nothing
I could do about it. And makeup never stays on it it,
it kind of just gets off of it, or it gets really like weirdly
patchy with my concealer. If you take Nick’s
glitter primer and use that as an
actual foundation primer, concealer primer, just
for the really oily places on your face. Oh, I feel like I should
have done a before and after. I’m just going to do
this half my face. Here’s my nose or
the glitter primer, versus oh, a normal primer. I’m probably going to
remove some of that. I tried just staring at you
guys in the eyes, when really I need a mirror. Cool. Blend, blend, blend. Blend, blend, blend. Now put a dot of
concealer on both sides. This is the normal primer. This is the glitter primer. But the main thing
is it lasts longer. This one will kind of come
off while this one will not. Talking about primer. A life hack that is so simple,
but is not naturally just thought about, at least it
wasn’t naturally thought about by me. Here’s how I normally
apply my primer, right? Right. Done. The trick, if you want
your face look less cakey. When you apply your primer you
can put it on however you want, but at the end push it down. Push it down so that
your baby hairs get stuck into the primer, facing
down surface instead of facing up, so when you put
all your foundation on, you don’t see all
the baby hairs. Face down. Like normal. Hairs down. Like normal. When you’re applying
your face powder, sometimes you add a little too
much, and it becomes cakey. A way to make it less cakey is
to spray some water, or rose water, or some liquid on it. And it kind of makes
the powder just melt into your regular foundation. Or your regular concealer. That is every acne life
hack that I haven’t already done, and haven’t seen
on YouTube already. Tweet me some
pictures of your skin before and after you try
them, and I would definitely look them. Even posted on Instagram,
I don’t care, just do hashtag RCLskin,
and I will find it. I will see you guys
in my next video. Bye!