Wet N Wild CoverAll Face Primer 12hr Wear Test & Review | CORRIE SIDE

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!
Today I’m testing out the Wet n Wild Cover All primer. So this is a 25mL bottle of the wet and wild and this is supposed to be a magic
potion that refines pores, fills fine lines, brightens your complexion, evens
skin tones. Here is a look at the ingredients I don’t know if this comes in any colors
but apparently this is 850 Partners in Prime. This is made in China and and not
tested on animals! The packaging is… very not trying too hard it –
kind of reminds me of MakeUp Forever. For moisturizer I’ve been using the First
Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream quite a bit which is kind of a popular thing I
got it in one of my Sephora favorites box and it’s a heavy duty moisturizer so it’s been great for winter times I have had
some breakouts lately and I don’t know if it’s because of this or if it’s just
something else… but… To test this primers I’m going to apply it to half of my face the
side with the P because I always forget which side of my face I put it on. The other side we’re going to keep totally bare and then for foundation
today I’m going to use the Estee Lauder Double Wear. All right… it’s just like a
white cream and if you blend it in it just kind of disappears on the skin I
don’t want to say it’s got a tacky feeling but it definitely feels like
it’s going to velcro makeup to it if that makes sense
and I definitely took too much I don’t think I need to use all this and lately
I’ve been reading that you need to pat your primer into your face instead of
like rubbing it and that’s also what I’m going to do here. I’ve kind of given
it the tougher side of my face I’ve definitely got some issues I’m working
on here Alright so that’s it on half of my face.
Does my face like any brighter on the side? or even?
Do my pores look different? That’s with the primer… that’s without the primer. I don’t
think it looks brighter. It feels feels dry and it kind of feels like that
almost powdery silicone feeling and it does feel very smooth so I do really
like the way it feels on your skin and now we will just apply a foundation like
normal to do that I’m going to be using my Beauty Blender I just opened up my
nude Beauty Blender I’m going to apply the side that doesn’t have it first if
you aren’t even wearing a ton of makeup lately and the last couple days I’ve
been wearing a lot of falsies I’m going to kind of take it easy on my skin today
okay and that’s to get it on the side with the primer and of course the
application doesn’t feel any different maybe if I was using my fingers it
would… I’m just going to apply the rest of my makeup and I’ll check back in a
second alright so I just finished up the
rest of my makeup kind of going for a beautiful spring vibe even though it’s
still very much winter but let’s do a really close up and then we can like really
talk about this. Do you see a difference? I either see no difference or I see that
this side is slightly I want to say a little bit smoother my pores look a
little bit smaller to the side I think is the better side there’s looks like of
a powder stick it looks just more like flowy. There’s a bit of patchiness up by
my eyebrow on the side… what’s up with that? The better side is the side without primer
so I dunno… I feel like I’ve used this in the past all over my face and I felt like
dang I looks better but comparing side-by-side I’m actually less impressed
than I thought I was going to be but that being said I’m not going to
prejudge because it might help with oil control or just helping the makeup stick
on throughout the day so I’m gonna wear this for the next 12 hours and I’ll check
in at the end of the day to let you know my final thoughts. Let’s go. It’s now the end of the night, it’s 9 o’clock
here. I’m just about to take off my makeup and this is what my skin looks
like do you see a difference between the two sides? Do you remember which side was which? This was side with the primer this was decide without the primer I did
blot and powder around I wanna say 6:37 kind of after dinner and I took out I’d
say about a normal amount of oil I’m just going to quickly blot again and see
if one side is greasier than the other I’m going to say it’s about equal. One interesting thing is when Douglas came home from work around 5:30 ish I
did ask him if he could see a difference between either side of my face and he
actually knew that something was up with this side of my face he said I looked my
foundationy in a kind of textured way and he didn’t know what I was testing so
I was like what have how to even see anything? but your remember I did kind of
feel like that this morning I felt like the side was nothing did look a little
bit better overall after powdering and blotting I was just doing a very good
stare in the mirror to see if I could see any differences and honestly I
couldn’t really see any difference between either side of my face so I
don’t know if over time they’ve just kind of like both mellowed out or what
overall I don’t know really what to think about this thing that does say it
refines pores and I felt like on a day where I wear it all over my face I’m
like oh yeah I can actually tell but then today I was like I can’t tell the
difference between this as my face Filling fine lines? I don’t know I feel
like I’m equally liney. Brightens complexion? I don’t know maybe… maybe it
does look like slightly brighter. I don’t know you guys are gonna have to comment
that’s just like hard to tell stuff and even skin tone which I don’t think
really happened but maybe it was a little bit brighter overall if it was it
was like not a huge difference anyway in terms of the way my skin feels now
they feel pretty much the same although it does sound like a really
nice texture when you first put it on it kind of feels smooth and at the same
time really dry and mattifying but I can’t say that it actually
did anything different than the other side of my face unfortunately I really
thought this time I was going to be able to say this primer is a for sure go but
it turns out that I will still be searching for a primer that I think
actually does something you can check out some of my other primer videos up in
this playlist here cuz yeah you have any suggestions definitely leave them down
below and I’ll add them to my to try list overall I’m going to give this like
a two and a half out of five because I swear on days when I do my
full face I’m like “It’s doing something!” the good news is it cheap it does feel
nice when you first apply it but then in terms of wear and I don’t know if it
actually brings out texture that’s a bad thing so maybe I should downgrade it so
maybe I’ll stay at 2/5 so it’s not a pass I want to thank you so much for
spending this time with me watching my videos give it a like if you enjoyed it
comment down below if you have any feedback, comments, tips, concerns, anything you want to let me know and of course share this video if you think anybody in
your life would find it useful I will see you guys all tomorrow in my next
Beauty video bye