What is True Love For God? | Service to God | Swami Mukundananda

service is the expression of love we
need to understand we have to develop our loving relationship with God loving
relationship is different from worldly loving relationship you see there’s a
difference in the world also the world love is used but the distinction is
between lust and love what exists in the world is lust in the name of love what
we need to cultivate is love which is as different from lust as light is
different from darkness community some hope even Krishna sucked at Purdue
primitive Robin a thief come here premiere booty on tour come on Tonto
dream nirmaan huskar chaitanya charitamrita is is like darkness and
light we have to reach that stage of inner growth where we truly love God and
that love means what not to take take take but to give give give that is the
one lesson we have never learned in endless lifetimes we will God to get
from him and love is the reverse of this it is about giving to him how many times
have we really given of ourselves you know once one dollar note and $100 note were
getting scrapped they were going back to the Reserve Bank whatever it is called
in USA so the hundred dollar note said what a wonderful life it has been have
been to so many places exquisite the one dollar note said what places have you
been – I have had a very dreary life one hundred dollar note said I am into Las
Vegas and I went to Atlantic City and I went to the SeaWorld and I went to the
casinos the $1 note said what places are you talking about $100 note said where
did you go I went to the Ganesh man there are team Tolly then I went to the
Vishnu man there are teeth Holly then I went to the Raman there are teeth Holly
then I went to Swami ji is our teeth Holly the hundred dollar note said what
place Mundell are you talking about I’ve never seen a month have we ever learned to give in many
ways you see the Indian culture is studded with so many wonderful things
but in one thing it falls way behind the rest of the world when it comes to
giving one beggar used to go around then he met a businessman and the businessman
asked him why do you beg the beggar said sir I tried for a job I did not get it
so I have started begging if you give me a job I will stop making the businessman
said I will do far more than that I’ll make you my business
he said really the beggar said yes what is the deal the businessman said look I
have got a rice field and I’ve got a empty shop in the market I will supply
you the rice you only have to stand at the counter and sell it really we will
share the profits at the end who so how much will I keep will I keep 5% and give
you 95 or will I keep 10% and give you 90 the businessman said no you keep 90
percent of the profits and just give me 10% the beggar said really
his words filled him now he actually meant it he started giving and the
beggar became a shopkeeper he started selling things at the end of the month
he got the profit now he thought I have done the work why should I give it to my
business partnership I should keep it all to myself the businessman came and
said give me my 10% the beggar said what 10 percent I have worked hard it is all
mine in the same way God gives us the body he gives us the brain he gives us
the talents he gives us the skills he says go do it but what do you earn you
take out 10% and you give it to me in return
think about it how much did we earn in our life have we
even given back one percent in the service of God we have to go a long way
to understand what it means to love than that and develop the service
attitude towards God everything will fall in place we will develop the
service attitude in our relationships as well we will understand relationships
are not about my happiness they are about giving about helping others