What Makeup Did I Bring Home For Winter Break? | Colourpop, K-Beauty, and more!

hi well in you probably notice right
away that this is a very different setup from what you saw compared to what you
saw me in my last video that is because I am home
it is currently winter break in the United States and for my school at least
we get the entire month of January off for winter break so I decided I’d make a
video about what make up I brought home for winter break ok so I have two
containers here but I separate from that I have two other things I have the my
main eyeshadow palette that I brought home now I’ll show you the inside now
I would not yeah I would not actually recommend this palette for its quality
it’s like the mattes are really dusty and then the shimmers and the metallics unless
you use your finger they’re a disaster and you it’s better to use them without
a primer and then it’s better to not foil them so like it goes against all
known the logic about eyeshadows but it’s very it’s very versatile and it has
pretty much everything I could needed a travel palette like it has sort of all
my neutrals but then it has more colorful colorful colors although I
really don’t wear colors a lot when I’m home because I’ve only been wearing
makeup for half a year and my parents are still getting used to the idea okay
so the second thing it’s alright but by actually just I bought this over
Thanksgiving and I ordered it to come to my house here in San Francisco as
opposed to my dorm in New York and it just arrived
it’s from YesStyle so tell me from Asia Hong Kong specifically so takes a while
this is the Tony Moly glitter liquid eyeshadow and it comes in a little
container like this it has a shade name but it doesn’t have the name in English I will
look at the shade name and put it in the description yes this is the Tony Moly
mark glitter liquid eye shadow and that is going in my collection okay so now
for the stuff that I actually brought back from the dorm I prefer to keep most of
my makeup at the dorm as opposed to at home because I tend to wear makeup more
when I’m at school as opposed to when I’m at home this is I got this from Sephora
it was one of those like spend $50 and you get a reward here and
also bunch of samples came in with this too and see so I’ll just grab this so this
is the space case blush in it’s not me it’s my sign this is actually my
favorite blush I got this in an Ipsy bag and if anyone can tell me more about
this brand please do because I really can’t find out anything about them other
than their like brand website give you a swatch oh great you can’t see that on
camera it’s it’s very muted it like and that’s why i like it it blends into my
cheeks perfectly especially what I’m not wearing foundation and there’s already
kind of a rosiness to my cheeks this is one strip perfectly even it’s almost
this like it has a creamy texture to it yeah it’s really great if anyone could
tell me more about this brand I’d love to know about it
okay another blush this is the Nature Republic blush and again the English
name is it’s it’s in 04 for I know it has an English name but it’s not on the
label I don’t really wear this blush all that
often at least at school it’s more of a summer color there it is you can kind of
see it so I don’t really have a chance to wear this all that much because I bought
it right before the school year started and it’s more of a summer color and then
summer just went like so hopefully I’ll get a chance to wear it oh here we go
classic I think this is the only no this is one of two bronzers I brought home
this is the mini of the hoola matte bronzer classic I don’t need to swatch this everyone’s seen it
okay so this is one of these samples I brought back home I like to bring
samples when I travel because they’re smaller and they’re convenient this is
the First Aid Beauty hello fab coconut skin smoothie priming moisturizer there you go
the full title just a little mini guy I’m pretty sure I got this with this bag
I came with a bunch of sample this is really nice so this is the IBY
highlighter this is I really only I bring I have like two parameters when it
comes to like bringing things home for break it’s my favorites and then stuff
that’s more on the natural side like is like I said I tend to wear my matte
natural makeup when I’m home so this is this fits both this is like one of my
favorite highlighters and is also very much on the natural side so you probably
can’t even get it to show up on camera it’s on my thumb yep not showing but it’s very natural
just a very nice little shimmer oh and the shade is in Prosecco got that in an Ipsy bag it’s really nice okay this is the Nature Republic echo
lip gloss in 06 again don’t know the English name but I don’t
think it matters because I’m pretty sure they don’t sell these anymore I got this
two years ago so I think it’s time I throw it out but it’s if I can get it open
it’s very nice it’s a very nice topper whenever you’re wearing like a red lip you’re definitely gonna be able to see this yep so yeah it’s like very shimmery
sparkly and like I said it’s a great lip topper all right now we have the Wet ‘n
Wild Megaglo highlighting powder in precious petals and it’s a classic so
it’s probably my favorite drugstore highlighter oh you can kind of see that
there we go I can’t wait until like I wear down the whole pattern it’s like
that’s how you know you’ve used a highlighter okay next is another the other
bronzer this is the Bobbi Brown bronzer bronzing powder in medium I this is a
little tiny guys I got this I think it’s like that’s one of those Sephora rewards
I love the Sephora rewards not just cuz they’re yeah we know you see the bronzer
not just because they’re minis but because I get to try like expensive
stuff that I wouldn’t never buy full price for like okay I would say never
but like I’d have to wait for a gift card or something or a sale or something
okay this is you seen me use this before this is the Fenty Beauty Killawatt
highlighter and Hu$tla Baby I’ll just swatch this for you oh so creamy the
highlighter it’s right above the bronzer oh you can see that
just barely shiny shiny shiny the my sink is so low so like I look so tall
but I but also like my occasionally my head’s going out of frame so I have to
like occasionally I think we like to bend down this is just an extra of my
Laniege lip sleeping mask this is the Apple Lime version there currently I
think still selling these at Sephora they originally were just selling the
berry one which I have right here this is one I’m currently using up but
they’re selling the other sort of flavors as a limited edition thing
while Sephora is only selling this as a limit as a limited edition you can buy
the other flavors all year round on YesStyle so in case you think you can’t get
the other flavors after Sephora stop sending and the on YesStyle this is the
Glamour Dolls sweet treats lip gloss in it’s not telling me
great it’s even in English but I don’t know the shade oh great and hopefully
I’ll find the shade put it in the description but yeah this is something I
got in Ipsy it’s just in like a natural kind of peachy lip gloss there you go
it’s very it’s nice and it smells nice too yeah it actually does smell like peaches now a few line items in him okay this is
my Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finish powder fishing powder in medium
and yeah it’s this is like my first like really high-end makeup item purchase I
guess I used up an entire birthday gift card to get this but I figured it’ll last me
forever so it’ll be worth it and here’s another sample it’s the Dr.
Jart+ cicapair tiger grass camo drops it’s like a primer I had just
haven’t had a chance to try this yet I’m still going through the the First Aid
Beauty what a guy before I start on this cuz they’re both kind of prime kind of
primer type things so maybe I’ll get a chance to try this over winter break
we’ll see okay that’s there’s two like little sample sachets in here just
because I couldn’t bring my entire skincare routine ah I don’t think I’m
really worth mentioning though on to the second bag okay first thing in here is
Fenty Beauty lip gloss the in the gloss bomb in Fenty Glow so like the original
one I got that in a mini set with the highlighter i I only brought this home
because so I could show my sister this is the Etude House play color eyes the
in cherry blossom thank god the names in English so I can read it should learn Korean just so I
could read my makeup and this is more natural whoa well there’s those little things I don’t
need them anyway this is more like a natural eye shadow
palette so honestly it is good to bring back home if honestly my Makeup
Revolution palette didn’t have a lot of these colors not all of these colors but a lot
of these colors Oh Asian/Korean/Japanese/whatever makeup is more sort of natural and more muted and because that’s what
they’re looking for so it’s not if you just you can’t judge it by the same
standards as American makeup but I really like this palette I do all right now I have three Colourpop
super shock shadows my first video was actually suppose to be like in my
makeup newbie series was trying a Colourpop for the first time but I got my
Colourpop order and I got too impatient and I was also just too busy to film the
video and I didn’t want to wait to try Colourpop makeup so oh well
these are really nice I do like these I really like the texture this one is in
honor roll I got the they’re a bitch to open I got the study-buddy
pack which I swear no one ever really talked about this is an honor roll ooh
ooh ooh yeah it’s like a this is like a shimmery bronze and it’s great I
actually haven’t worn that one yet so this one is in like a shot and it is I
think there were all six of the ones in this pack were like shimmery to some
extent I don’t know if you can you’ll see that you just barely Hey this one is pledge class that’s never gonna be
me imagine me as a sorority pledge Jesus Christ oh that shows what kind of nice on the
camera I mean it’s very nice in person I this is the one out of all of my super
shock shadows this is the one I’ve worn the mos it’s just so nice and natural so it’s good for when I’m home oh my god you can see it on my finger oh boy alright just a standard
Urban Decay primer potion gotta have it and here’s my eyeliner this is the
eyeliner from the pixie and Weylie collaboration it’s a double sided
eyeliner which I really like this so felt tip on one side and then the kohl’s
on the other side me swatch the felt line for you
first this is actually my first felt tip liner ever and I quite like it I’m still
kind of getting used to using a felt tip liner so I don’t always use the felt tip
side here’s the kohl side I for the longest time I was using my mom’s
eyeliner which was so old that you couldn’t even see the brand name on it
cuz it’s like from the 90s there’s the kohl liner you see on the felt tip it bleeds
a touch well can you see that just barely one of these days I’ll get a better
camera and not just use my phone but here we are
so yeah the the felt tip liner bleeds a touch but it’s not you can see it on the
arm but on the eye it’s not super noticeable if noticeable at all at least on my eyes
it’s nice here’s another Colourpop thing and the
other thing I put in my Colourpop order was the Colourpop X Delilah X
Make-a-Wish lip color set this is the ultra satin lip I think
there are also there are also two ultra glossy lips that came on the set but I
left those back at the dorm yes so this is my favorite out of the
three this one is in wish yeah it’s very very natural
I like this if I ever make another Colourpop order it’s still available I would
definitely also get the super shock shadow bundle now that I know I like
these super shock shadow bundles I just got the study buddy kit no need to see
it on the frame no I’m through the study buddy kit just because one it was probably
gonna be discontinued first and then two I don’t know I just like anything that’s like school
themes I don’t know what maybe I just I’ve just been in school so long but I like see
some because it looks like a little book the case oh yeah a book of course
I just been in school for too long – all right here am I like three standbys that I’ll
just pull out all at once this is my BB cream my concealer and my primer I only
have one with all three just one foundation one concealer one primer of
the other than the samples I got but yeah that’s it that’s how I roll just
one of each I don’t I only like I don’t need I need something for my summer shade my winter shade and then I need something for my drier days my oilier
days I need something different for this day of his day and I might I light
coverage to my media color my full coverage I just need one thing I mean that
unfortunately limits me to like testing fewer things because I’m not trying like
multiple foundations or multiple concealers and multiple primers at once
but I don’t want to I like what I have so I’m gonna use it up and get my
money’s worth not have it go bad focus focus there we
go okay moving on two cushion puffs a cushion puff is how I apply my BB cream
it’s honestly a high the best way I don’t like this is gonna be
controversial I don’t like Beauty Blenders it’s just
especially in a dorm situation where the bathroom is external from your room it’s
just not convenient to have to go into the bathroom to wet your Beauty Blender
and then go back into your room or like get a little cup of water bring it back
in your room No No maybe I’ll just try start using
Beauty Blenders but it becomes more convenient for me till then no this is
how also how I you a cushion puff is also high apply my liquid highlighters
didn’t bring home any liquid highlighters best a lot I’d bring this
just in case okay this is my eyebrow pencil actually in my
last video I totally forgot to do my eyebrows although I don’t always do my
eyebrows I no step in my makeup routine a sacred sometimes I’ll go
without my foundation sometimes I go I’ll go without my concealer or
something some days I’ll go out without eyeshadow sometimes I go without
anything on my lips nothing in my makeup routine is sacred I don’t do
everything all the time so yeah this is the NYX micro brow pencil in espresso
this is actually because this was my first like eyebrow product someone’s
calling me just a probably robo call I didn’t recognize my number so this is my
first like eyebrow product ever so I really didn’t know what I was doing so
this color is just is the second to darkest but slightly light on me like if
I apply it too heavily you can kind of cuz my eyebrows are like black so
even when I apply it you can kind of see the brown so maybe next time I’ll try
either this or something else in a black honestly I might just try this again I
I really like it I’m very comfortable with this okay this is the Bite
amuse bouche lipstick in Virgo this was like the limited-edition astrology
series honestly I if I get enough makeup of
this nature I was thinking of like doing a video of full face with makeup in my
astrology sign I’m not like a big believer of like astrology but I really
like this shade and it’s great and if it’s my sign why not it’s much more like
more of a darker red in real life on camera that’s looking very light mascara
L’Oreal lash paradise doesn’t need any introductions it’s a classic okay okay
here’s my mini guy not this is the NARS satin lipstick in orgasm so it’s
not the blush it’s a lipstick this is very it’s very natural but it also has a
little sparkle to it just right I really like it too can I get it to show up on camera
we’ll see what kind of okay you can kind of see it you can’t see the sparkles
which is a shame they’re very like minut which is what makes them really natural
oh okay I’m almost out of this actually this is the Hourglass something
something something oh lip crayon in futurist you can tell it’s it is pretty
much gone oh the swatch might run this out well yeah it’s look at that one swatch it’s
super pigmented but it’s really natural it’s it’s honestly I might cave and buy a
full-size of this because it’s it’s my lips but better it’s so good oh my did bring another Colourpop okay
this is the this one of the glow ultra glossy lips from the Colourpop X Delilah
collection and it brings okay this is in JJ I originally was going to film this
video like in my dorm and like comparing all my my makeup versus like what I
wasn’t bringing but finals got in the way man finals suck and I was
just I was so busy and then I had to rush to pack so there wasn’t any time okay you can kind of see that so yeah this is great by itself it’s just like a
glossy Sheen okay this is the Mana Kadar lip gloss priming lip wand in Belle
this is was an Ipsy item and I went it’s a it’s a kind of a funky color for me oh yeah oh it’s good it’s got shimmer to
it I didn’t realized that so it’s like uh it’s you can’t see it on camera but
it’s like a magenta color and like I said it’s unusual color for me but I
really like this in terms of like the quality I don’t get to wear like
actually wear the color a lot because it’s hard to like find stuff to match it
with just because the nature of the color no like it okay this is the Bite
Beauty lip creme in glace a it’s just part of the birthday gift I actually
like the matte lip cremes more than the amuse-bouche lipsticks I find that they
at least on my lips they last longer you go it’s like swatching sideways what’s
going on with that it has that like Bite Beauty lemon scent like citrus citrusy lemon scent
another birthday gift ooh this is something I haven’t tried yet
this is the Pony Effect it’s like their lip tints
I remember the shade now of this it’s love potion thank God so yeah it’s kind
of ooh it’s pinky and it smells like bubblegum
I don’t know how opaque this is on the lips like I said haven’t tried it rot at
home just so I could try it I’m also so I could show to my sister she likes
going effect well I got two more things this is the iby shadow eyeshadow in fire
and ice this is part of their like bigger City Limits palette but but I got
the single shadow from Ipsy man DMC is great i i’ve been subscribed to them for
about half a year now and I’ve been happy with pretty much every bag I mean
of course not everybody but really happy was that when I get back uh when I get
back to my dorm at the end of January hopefully my Ipsy bag should already be
there because I have it sent to my school address I didn’t want to have to
deal with changing my address from literally one month so I’m just having
it sent to my school address should be better when I get back and so hopefully
I can do a nip see unbagging yeah that’s fire and ice I really like this is one
of my favorite single shadows I also have another single shadow
I got a nip see from Nomad cosmetics but it was like in a blue so I really
couldn’t justify bringing it home but that’s also one of my favorites from
Ipsy that’s almost like a I don’t want to call it dual chrome it does flash a
little green I think I showed you this in my previous video it does flash a
little green but it’s great last item oh this is nothing this is one of my
favorite like lipsticks slash the lip gloss slash whatever lip tints that’s a
lip tint formula this is the lineage it’s not telling me in English but yeah
this is their like lipstick formula but they don’t these aren’t the ones they
sell in Sephora do you have to like go through like yes dialer like their
website to get this but I have used this too yes it’s one of my favorite
lipsticks it’s like and oh it’s the two tone lip bars I remember it now yeah
it’s kind of like that it’s like a nice shiny red and on the lips it like gives
me this like we’re super hydrated look but it makes my lips look so plump
because the color I love this love this honestly just just I’ve to this into
other shade and they’re more pinky and I don’t like those shades as much because
I don’t know I have like a medium ish skin tone the paint kind of clashes with
it so honestly I would definitely I would definitely purchase this shade
full-size no no doubt about that and that is everything so thank you for
watching what makeup I brought home for a winter break I before my parents so
thank you so much for watching if you’re having one of if you have if you’re on
Twitter read right now I hope you’re having a wonderful winter break and I
will see you next time bye