What Role for the Lymphatic System in Detoxification? [James Maskell, Functional Forum]

What role does the lymphatic system play
in detoxificatio and how can we optimize its function? That was a great
question for our panel on the detox forum. Dr. Morrison, I want to talk to you
about the lymph system here for a moment before we get into the Twitter questions.
Because I interviewed Dr. Ron Hoffman and he told me that MD’s generally don’t get a
lot of training about the lymph. It seems like this is kind of a key player
in this whole detox process. Not talking about just your running, but generally
the deep the lymph is a key player here. How much education are MD’s getting in
the lymph and how important player is it in detoxification? I don’t believe I received any education in medical school about lymph drainage. I’ve learned most of my knowledge about this from my naturopathic colleagues and
friends They are the ones that sort of brought me up to date on what it means. It was actually kind of nebulous at first. I didn’t even understand like what
they were talking about, but it’s really important. I mean, that’s really our
storage organ. It’s like of course fat is a place to store toxins, but so is the
space in between all the cells. And when our body is not detoxed, when we sort of get too much exposure and we are no longer able to get the toxins out of our
system the way that we’re supposed to, these toxins have to go someplace.
While some people are lucky enough to store it in fat where they don’t get
symptoms, if it goes into the interstitial space where the cells are
not able to manage it and then it won’t go into circulation for liver and kidne to get rid of it then we really have a big problem. The people with interstitial spacing problems usually have fluid retention that like weight
loss, that they just can’t get rid of a lot of inflammation. So what do you do with with lymph in your program? We definitely talked about lymph in the
immune intensive. We like to look at breathing techniques, rebounding… What else comes to mind, I can call my students and give them quizzes. [laughter] You didn’t know there would be a test otherwise you wouldn’t have had the detox shake outside which had vodka in it. [laughter] Thanks so much for watching and for more
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