What’s In My Cruise Bag – Toiletries Edition

Hey cruisers, I’m sharing with CruiseTipsTV with an in-depth look at what’s in my toiletry and beauty bags. Now if
you’re the type of person that does not like to hear about nitty-gritty packing
detail you might want to skip this video. Otherwise grab a notepad and let’s get
started. In this video I’m going to give you a general idea of what I pack for a
seven night cruise in the way of skin care, sun care, hair care makeup and other random toiletry items for myself, my husband, and my seven-year-old son but
let’s be honest 99% of the stuff is for me. I divide my
toiletry items into several bags. The first is a hanging organizer that holds
all the tiny stuff that I need. This particular bag hangs on a bathroom door or a hook of any kind. Either hotel or on a cruise ship and we’ll keep things in here
that we need on a daily basis that are quite small – things like toothbrushes in
travel size deodorant. Now let me show you specifically what we keep in this
bag. Here in the bottom compartment you can see that we keep deodorant, all of
our tooth care and are floss. Here in the center section we keep a small supply of
cotton balls and q-tips and in the back we have lots and lots of Clorox wipes
for the surfaces in our cruise staterooms and we have an extra bar of soap here and nail polish remover pads here. See I told you we were going to get into the
nitty-gritty details. Was I wrong? Up here I keep some tiny things like a daily
sunscreen a bronzer more daily sunscreen because I burn easily and some earplugs
just in case. So that’s about it for this little bag. Next up we’re going to take a
look at what I call my first aid bag. Now of course there’s a little bit more in
here than just first aid items, but this is something that I grab for any kind
of a trip, whether be in the car on the train or on a cruise or an airplane. It
has everything in it that kind of relates to vitamin care first aid things like
that. The first thing we have is a daily vitamin pouch, tissues, and extra supply of hand
sanitizing wipes, a sleep mask, which is totally unrelated to first aid, but I
cannot live without these so I always leave it packed my bag, pain reliever for my son
pain reliever for me, probiotics from Melaleuca dot com, a
little bit of baby powder, and Tide to go in case we have a spill, airborne, fight
off those germs right? a little vitamin lollipop for my son in case he gets sick,
and a little teeny tiny ziplock bag filled with lots lots of different
things. In this little ziplock bag I keep kids allergy medicine because my son has some mild food allergies, lots of bandaids, some nighttime Theraflu and some Alka Seltzer cold – my favorite cold medicine and last but not least a little
antibiotic this is also known as neosporin. Alright that’s it for the
medicine bag. Now for the fun stuff! Want to see what I keep in my makeup bag? Alright this is the Big Daddy. This is a
little nesting set of makeup bags. So this is the the big bag that holds
everything and I have a smaller bag here Which I’ll show you in a moment. This little bag here houses all of my lipsticks which I can
also take out and pop into my purse Here’s a look at those lips sticks. As
you can see I am a very big fan of Clinique chubby stick. They’re my absolute favorite lipstick. And this little bag here is what I keep all of my eye liners
and pencils in – the small skinny stuff. Mascaras, all the thin stuff, things like that. And then here we have larger brushes blush powder things like that Alright next up I have a specific bag
that I keep my hair care products in for when I’m actually styling my hair.
Inside this bag I keep a little ziplock bag full of all of the hair care
products that could essentially spill while I’m on vacation so I have a heat spray
thermal heat spray I have some Moroccan oil and other random styling gels
usually whatever is this bag here is whatever I got my Birchbox the month before. I also keep a little comb for flat ironing and for curling my hair and hair spray of course and a little bag full of clips for bobby pins things like that for curling and
styling. Alright last but not least is my jumbo bag that keeps everything that’s waterproof or large. A lot of what we keep in here is our sunscreen. See if you can get a look at this. In the bottom half we have some sunscreen for my husband,
sunscreen for me, sunscreen for my son and sunscreen for
my face, and I’m going to show you now my secret product that I absolutely fell
in love with last year. This was my birthday present from my husband. This is my favorite signature fragrance. This is called Bobby Brown Beach. If you have
never smelled this stuff you have to go to Nordstrom and get a little
sample it’s amazing. It smells like an amazing day at the beach, but it’s a
perfume. Trust me, just try it. It’s amazing. Alright in the top half of this
container we keep a few more liquids, so here I have a giant thing of that allergy
medicine that I mentioned earlier for my son, and then I have a giant bag with a
whole lot of little stuff in it. So what you’re gonna find here is anything else
that’s liquid that could potentially spill or leak. This particular bag is called
my shower bag so you’re gonna see in here shower gel, conditioner bath salts,
and anything else I’m gonna pop into my shower or bath area on the cruise. Well, ladies and gentlemen it’s official I’m a total over packer, but if you’ve been watching our
videos for long, you know that. I hope you’ve enjoyed this hope it’s been helpful.
Thank you so much for watching, and until next time we’ll see you on the high seas Hey click me to subscribe