What’s In Peyton List’s Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

There’s an avocado in there. I’m sick of paying so much money for a side of avocado. This one’s so tiny. So cute. Hi! What’s up? I’m Peyton List, and I’m going to Spill
It. I feel like I worked so hard as a kid
and then I was excited to know that I could spend my own money on something really nice,
and this was kind of my first splurge. Everyone needs a kind of basic black bag,
and I like the little chain detail. It goes with anything. I’m proud of this bag. I worked hard for this bag. Here we go. First up, I have my glasses. I’m really, really blind. It’s bad. It’s just getting worse as I get older. And these are my glasses, which are gonna hurt ‘cause I have contacts on right now. But these are them. I love wearing glasses. I should wear them more. I have a scrunchie. I love scrunchies. I feel like they’re a lot healthier for
my hair. This one’s super cute. I just got it back from my best friend because
she stole it. She thought it was hers, but I had to break
the news that it was mine, and I stole it back. My visitor pass for CBS, which I need to keep
now and scrapbook it, since I got the job. I have my sunglasses. They’re super cute. They’re very… They kind of remind me of Dakota Fanning in
Uptown Girls. I don’t actually know if they look good
on me. I just really love that movie and they
remind me of that. I also have my extra gum. The one that I need to throw out. I should probably just do that now. Oh, I missed the trash. And then mints, ‘cause I’m single. And you never know. I’ve been really trying to go for the liner
lately. The Better Than Sex Too Faced eyeliner, which
I also happen to be the face of, so shameless promo. Let’s see. There’s a very old power that I had when
I was working on Jessie. It’s pretty much done, but I just love it. And they labeled it for me. I really want a label maker. Tampons. Those are good. And I feel like you always run into people who need one. So I’m prepared. Always. Oh my gosh, this is so nice. If you have undereye circles or just want
to prevent any sort of undereye circles, this First Aid Beauty Eye Stick. It’s also just so satisfying. It’s round, and you just kind of go underneath,
and I’ll just massage my undereyes for minutes on end. It’s so nice. I don’t know if it does anything. But I like to think it does. Oh, and then the avocado. So long! Thank you guys for watching Refinery29. For more videos, click here. And to subscribe, click here.