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hey guys II see RG here today we’re
gonna be talking about when should I start looking for a job hey guys
ECR g here today we’re gonna be talking about when should I start looking for a
job and before we get into the video just want to talk about I recently moved
I have a kind of janky studio set up I have my computer sitting up on top of
old bookcase and I’m just holding the microphone which is usually stable and
so if you hear any weird noises or any movement please
I guess cut me some slack because I just moved and we’re still setting up but
wanted to still record some videos for you guys in the process so without
further ado when should I and by I I mean you us we
start looking for a job and the answer is gonna be different for different
people so first I’m gonna address the up-and-coming college student who are
who pay attention to this channel so when should you start looking for a job
and the answer is if you want to find the perfect job that matches your skill
set good rate of pay and good you know overall good everything you know great
benefits you want to find the best jobs it starts as soon as you enter college
what you see are G what are you talking about it starts as soon as you enter
college you usually takes about three months you know to find a good job what
are you talking about that’s four years well I’m you piggybacking on my medical
school experience that was a four year process getting into Medical School
it starts from day one from the day you walk onto campus from the time that the
classes that you choose to take the electives that you take you know getting
a research job you know whatever it is you do you know
volunteering building your resume in order to get a medical school because
it’s that difficult to get in starts from day one from entering college or
day one from when you decide you want to go to medical school
usually by second semester freshman year you better have a good idea and that’s
how most successful applicants happen so so using that same logic and aggression
and tenacity to get the perfect job I would say it starts as soon as you know
what job you want to do and you need to really build your resume and build
everything around you that you’re doing in order to get that job so whether
that’s applying for internships of that company and doing internships almost
every year it’s good to vary up your experience a little bit so I wouldn’t I
mean obviously if you do it all four years
you have a better chance of getting a job and they probably might even offer
you but it’s also good to vary up your experience a little bit so but do at
least two years at at that company I would say so it starts you know pretty
early if you know you want to work someplace and that’s only gonna increase
your odds of getting a job there the more you the more you work for them and
work with them because they’re gonna know your work ethic and you’re gonna be
familiar with their systems and how they do things which is gonna translate to
speed from day one you’re gonna have a lot of speed on a brand new applicant
because you already know what you need to do and what it’s gonna take to be
successful there so for the the college student I’d say it starts as early as
you want well as early as early as you can and as early as you know you want to
be there so whether that’s four years out or whether that’s four months out so
for let’s say for the person who is you know worked a job before they have some
money saved up and you know they’re looking for their second career jump one
should you start looking for that job well the answer is when you feel like
you’re ready you know making jumps a lot of times people wait a long time they
wait until they have the exact number of years of experience let’s say a job that
has three years of experience typically people will wait until after they have
three years well you can actually wait until
you have like 2 years 6 months 2 years 7 months and apply before then because by
the time you actually get a recruiter on the phone get an interview face to face
interview you’re gonna have your 3 years experience because sometimes it just
takes that long and a lot of times people you know the ideal candidate will
have three years experience but most of the times we’re not hiring they’re
perfect exact fit like they drew up in their mind type of candidate so you keep
that in mind and just keep shooting and applying at different jobs so when it
comes when it comes to that type of person you can apply a little bit
earlier than the requirement and just you know just keep hope alive don’t
don’t get too bogged down if you get rejected from places because that’s
gonna happen that’s just how things happen and also if if you have a little
bit of money saved up in the bank you have a great opportunity when you
realize you want to change jobs to really sit back and think about what you
really want in life because you can quit your job and go travel in Europe for you
for a month you can quit your job and do a sabbatical or something for a few
months if you have money saved up so I know we’ve talked before about how
having cash can help accelerate your career and that’s one of the reasons we
talked about in that video was the fact that when you have money you have
options and you don’t have to go back to work immediately you can quit your job
you know take a month off do what you want to do and then get back into the
workforce when you need to so that’s also something to keep in mind as well
when you you know you’re you were in your career and you’re changing jobs you
don’t have to go work immediately you can take you can take a month off or
something so just keep that in mind but you know a lot of people out here living
paycheck to paycheck and I’m not talking about the people that make like thirty
thousand dollars a year or less and you know they literally are living paycheck
to paycheck because they’re spending everything they can and they’re on their
place of residence and you know they don’t make much money so they have to
spend it on their needs some other people that make six
figures a year but only have like two thousand dollars in their bank account
living paycheck to paycheck because they’re paying for that Bend you know
they’re paying for that private school tuition they’re paying for stuff that
you don’t really need you know that two vacations a year you know traveling for
every holiday type of thing I’m talking about those people so it definitely pays
to keep money saved up in your bank account because you have a lot of
options when you have cash you have options so that’s the second thing the
third thing is I guess the third scenario is so you’ve got a high school
student who is debating on going to college or dropping out and getting a
job what should what should they choose and you know what kind of job when
should they start looking for a job and the answer is pretty much when you know
you when you know you what decision you want to make when you know what decision
you want to make you should probably decide to get a job immediately because
you’re gonna have to pay your bills you’re gonna have to you know pay for
the stuff that you need your apartment whatever whatever if you’re moving out
of your parents house so that’s what I would recommend
so three good scenarios there three different options you have and when it
comes to you know starting to look for a job it really comes down comes down to
you and your preference you’ve got to keep in mind the time it’s gonna take to
actually get a job you know how to keep in mind you know your experience level
if people are just gonna overlook you at first until you get your resume into the
right hands and do you get it run the right person or you know what your
situation is for people that are even for people that are you know very
qualified it can take a while depending on your industry I know clinical
research tend to go through waves attempt to go through its ups and downs
and you know sometimes even if you’re incredibly experienced you know you got
ten years monitoring as a CRA it can still take a while to get it to get a
job but when the industry is hot I know the industry is hot
you people can get jobs fairly quickly if you have a little bit of experience
so it depends on the industry at the time and depending on what industry
you’re applying for as well so just keep all that in mind that’s it for this
topic just want to do a quick video here on you know when people should start
looking for jobs people have been asking when they should start looking for jobs
especially college students and you know there’s there’s really not is really not
too early to start looking for your dream job so keep that in mind guys if
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