When You’re TOO OLD To Go Trick Or Treating! (ft. iiSuperwomanii)

[DOORBELL] [LIVELY MUSIC] Ready? Trick or treat! You’re not getting any candy. You know that, right? [RECORD SCRATCH] Wait, what? What are you? Like, 24? 22. Yeah, I’m twenty–
[CLEARS THROAT] nine. Go away. What’s her problem? Who knows? She probably gives out
gross candy, anyways– or even worse– fruit. [SHUDDERS] That monster. Whatever. Let’s go to the next one. Yeah. Trick or treat! Seriously? Trick or treat! Uh, no. Oh, come on. At least give us like a fun size
or something– or a Mounds bar. No one wants a Mounds bar. No one. Aren’t you guys a little bit
old to be trick or treating? I mean, I’m gonna
have to see some ID. [RECORD SCRATCH] What? Strange, whatever. Yeah, you are too old
to be trick or treating. But my ID! Did he just steal our IDs? Hey, guys, I scored some fakes! Now, we just need some wigs! OK, trick or treating
is not gonna work. Let’s just go to the store and
buy some candy or something. No. Today’s Halloween. Tonight, our candy’s free. [RAP MUSIC] (RAPPING) Yeah. Records on my demo! What are you doing? I’m a cat. It’s still Halloween. OK. Let’s finish the montage. (RAPPING) Did ya’ll
boys not get the memo? [RECORD SCRATCH] Whoa, Rachel, what do we
need the duct tape for? Oh, to tape candy
to ourselves in case we wanted to fit more candy. Oh. OK, phew. For a second, I thought you
wanted to like kidnap someone. Let’s hope it doesn’t
INSTRUMENTAL] OK, this is the only house on
the block with king-sized candy bars. They have it all, and
everyone knows it. They start stocking up for
Halloween in September, and l keep their stash
over here in a safe. A safe? Yeah, it’s in a safe. Steel force, a lock, the works. So like, a safe? A standard safe? Pretty much, yeah. So how do we get in? The best entry points
are here and here. But I say you utilize the
window [INAUDIBLE] here. All right. Let’s do this. I like your costume. It’s not a costume. This is serious. I mean, well, they are costumes. We literally got them
at the Halloween store. I didn’t have
clothes for a heist. What was I supposed to do? OK, shh, let’s focus. Because if we fail,
this could be a cat– astrophe. Get it? I get it. Catastrophe? I don’t like it, but I get it. It was great. It really wasn’t. OK, we’re here. So how do we get it in? OK, so using the
drain pipes, we’re gonna climb up to the roof. And then, we’re
gonna use these ropes and we’re gonna repel down. And there might be guard dogs. So we’re gonna take the
stakes that you have, right? And then, we’re going
to use the side of the– Door’s open. OK, so using the front, we’re
going to try to get in the– Let’s go! The rope– Just take the rope inside. I’m taking the rope. I’m gonna tie everything. (WHISPERING) Hey! No respect! What? Shoes off! We’re robbing the place. They’re not gonna care whether
I have my shoes or shoes off. Just do it. Fine. Happy? Yes, I’m happy. [CONVERSATION CONTINUES AT
WHISPER] OK, so according to
these blueprints, the safe should be
on the third floor. Psst! They have sugar cereal! Oh, they must be the coolest! Shh! Lily, let’s go! At least look at it! Come on! Fine! It’s not here! The safe is supposed to be here! Just let me think
for one second. No, it’s a bust! Let’s go! We can go to 7-Eleven! Look, Lily, snap out of it! We aren’t going anywhere! OK, what do we do now? Um, just– oh, wait. I was holding it upside down! The safe must be downstairs! Are you kidding me?! What? I’m not an architect. I don’t know how to
read these things. Give me this! OK, follow me! OK. OK, this is the place. Oh my God, Lily. What kind of candy do they have? I hope they have Kit Kats. Oh, I hope they have Reese’s. Mm, yeah! Oh– OK, so how do I open it? Oh, uh– You didn’t come up with a
plan on how to open the safe?! No. Relax, we’ll figure it out. [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] [GASPS] Shh. Shh. [GASP] Oh my God! What are you doing in my house?! Who are you people? I can see you. What are you doing here?! W– Well, um, we just wanted
to get a Halloween candy. And we went trick or
treating, and everyone was saying that we’re too old to
actually go trick or treating. So we didn’t want
to go to the store and buy candy because,
obviously, that defeats the whole entire
purpose of Halloween. So we– we came to
your house because I remember that you guys had
these super big candy bars. And I know that you hid them
all in your super secret safe. So we wanted– Why on earth would I
keep candy in a safe? I don’t know. It was a dumb thought. We’re gonna just get out here. We’re just gonna
get out of your h– No, no, no, no, no, no. You’re not going anywhere. I’m calling the cops, OK. You should’ve just– you
should’ve just bought candy. I– this is ridiculous. [POLICE SIRENS] We’re going to jail, aren’t we? Yes, Rachel. [“COPS” “BAD BOYS” TV SHOW STYLE
INSTRUMENTAL] Next. [CAMERA SNAP] Turn. [CAMERA SNAP] Next. Where’d you even
find our costumes? [CAMERA SNAP] Turn. [CAMERA SNAP] Next. I don’t know where
they got them, Lily. I don’t know. Hi, I’m Rachel
Levin, and I played Rachel in that last video. Remember, breaking
into somebody’s house, no matter how
ridiculous the reason, even if it is for king-size
candy bars, is still a crime. The more you know– What are you still
doing in my house?! And you’re drinking my coffee?! [MUG RATTLING] [LAUGHTER] That is awesome. Why did it take so long?