Why become a pharmacist 2 – Community

You might think of a pharmacist as someone
standing behind a counter, counting out pills. That is a tiny, tiny part of what we do. In fact, if you’re a people person, pharmacy
is the best job in the world. I don’t mean that you have be a charismatic
big personality, cracking jokes all the time. More that you take a real satisfaction in
helping people – talking with them, finding out what’s really bothering them and how
you can help solve their problems. That’s what gets you out of bed in the morning
and makes you go to sleep happy at night. As a community pharmacist, you’re the health
professional people see most often, which means you’re the first port of call for
all sorts of health problems. People approach you because they are scared
or confused or they’re worried that there’s something wrong with them. You can use your expert knowledge to help
them – to give them strategies to manage their condition and keep them well. That’s why Monash has a heavy emphasis on
training you for the people part of the job as well as the science part. Right from first year, your scientific knowledge is integrated with learning clinical skills. So you can be sure you’re putting all that cool science stuff you’re learning to the best possible use.