why being patient is important – How to be patient in life (motivational video)

we live in a time where instant
gratification is the fuel of our brain we are so used to getting instant
results that we have forgotten to be patient if you open your Facebook you watch for
the likes. If you open your Instagram you want to see how many new followers
you have. With this cellphone we get in a habit of getting instant results of
getting instant gratification and it feels good it feels good if someone
likes your vacation or comments under the picture of your meal. In fact it’s
the same chemical process in your body when you get a like as if you would smoke
drink or gamble so we’re forgotten we have forgotten one
important thing the most important things in life do not
happen overnight the most important things in life
require time to happen real friendship greate love, deep connections with other
people, acquiring a skill you want to have building a successful business. It
takes time to learn to be patient and don’t look for instant results if you
swipe right you won’t get real love you’ll get love
if you learn to talk with people if you learn how to communicate how to be
grateful how to be patient you will get real friendship if you will trust and
this is not possible within a day there are things in life you cannot reach
within a day within a week or even within a year some things in life
require your whole life to be reached so learn to be patient otherwise you will
always have is emptiness inside of yourself if you are not patient you
cannot reach true happiness you cannot reach true greatness but if you learn
this skill if you’re impatient you will have the ability to anticipate your
future to rethink the now and learn from your past you’re not rushing through the
day you know that good things require time and the best things in life require
you to be patient