Why I love Glo-minerals therapeutic make-up

Hi, I’m Gili Levant of Flawless Laser. Today I’d like to speak with you about Glo-minerals
Therapeutics, specifically their make-up line. My clients were all really surprised to see
me bring in a make-up line as my passion has always been for people not to have to
wear make-up and to have beautiful skin, which I accomplish for them with laser treatments. When I brought in the line people had a million
questions for me, so here I am today to answer those questions for you. The product that got me hooked on the line
is this product right here, Luxe Foundation. This product is absolutely amazing. Within a week of wearing this foundation I
noticed, not only that my skin tone was better and my texture, but also that it had a firming
affect. Within a week I noticed this. So, that is what brought that in for me. The great thing about this product is that
it actually has crushed diamonds in it. Aside from women loving diamonds and that
just sounding absolutely amazing, the diamonds do serve a purpose. When you’re outside the diamonds reflect any
imperfections that your skin may have, leaving you skin looking absolutely flawless. So this really is an anti-aging product more than a foundation. So why not wear make-up that’s actually good for your skin. This make-up actually improves your skin when
you wear it. It doesn’t just sit there. Another thing I love about the line that got
me hooked on it, are lip pencils. These lip pencils are amazing. They last for hours, they don’t smudge, there’s
matte as well as gloss. I’m not normally a big make-up person, especially
lipstick because I always find that it runs, I’m too lazy to reapply, but this is great,
it doesn’t run, it doesn’t smudge, it’s kissable, as well as, you can eat and it lasts, and
you can even have it in the morning. Another great thing about it is it comes with
a lid with a sharpener, so you don’t ever have to worry about not having a sharpener
on you. So those are some of my favorite products
from the Glo-minerals make-up line. Please feel free to drop me an email or give
me a call and I can answer any questions for you or set up a consultation. www.flawlesslaser.ca