Why I Stopped Taking My Anxiety and Depression Medication (LEXAPRO)

so I’ve been off my mental health meds
for about a month now and in this video I’m gonna talk a little bit about what
my experience has been with that and give you some suggestions as well that’s
a little bit of hope so make sure that you stay tuned what is up everybody this
is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the
solution so yeah all right not only make mental health videos but I struggle with
mental illness I’ve been diagnosed with depression and a generalized anxiety
disorder I was a full-blown drug addict an alcoholic and I’ve shown some other
symptoms from some other illnesses so I have been on medications for a while now
now before I get started before I get started before you dive into this video
big fat disclaimer right here big disclaimer listen carefully okay
I am NOT a doctor I am NOT a doctor I am the furthest thing from a doctor
okay and what I’m going to talk about I need you to understand very carefully
coming off of my mental health medications for depression and anxiety I
did it with a doctor’s supervision never ever ever ever ever change or adjust
your meds on your own always do it with a doctor are we good on that we’re good
we’re good also please please please and share this
video one of the reasons I’m making this video is because a lot of people who
just started on these medications think that they’re gonna be on them forever
and I’m here to tell you that that is not always the case so please share this
with other people who might be bummed out that there are medications because
they may not have to be on them forever okay thanks okay so yeah when I first
got clean over five years ago I was having a lot of racing thoughts and
panicky and heart racing all the symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety no
clue what was happening I went I got diagnosed and all that good stuff they
found out I had a generalized anxiety disorder as well as some minor
depression okay so they gave me a medication called
escitalopram which is a generic form of lexapro and this is used as an
antidepressant as well as an anti-anxiety medication but anyways I’ve
been on it for the most part for about five and a half years so there has been
times in which I have weaned myself off of it gone back on again with the
doctor’s supervision but I’ve been back on it for maybe a year and a half now
before I got off of it I will make some other videos about why I jumped back on
the medication at another time for about a year now and I follow up with my
doctor regularly and she knows I am a drug addict in recovery she knows about
my mental illness like I have somebody who like hates doctors I have never
liked doctors but my doctor is a bomb okay and she’s very well versed in
mental health and all that kind of stuff too so my my life was going pretty well
so a few months ago maybe three or four months ago I talked to her about it and
I was like what do you think about me weaning back down on the medication and
she says you know she asked me some questions about my life my feelings and
stuff like that and I’m and she’s like yeah I don’t think there’s an issue with
you going down from 20 milligrams to 10 milligrams so I’m like okay cool so I
did that now there’s a few reasons why I personally do this um one of them is
kind of like what I said when I told you to share this video I don’t like being
attached to a medication but I know how important it is I just don’t want to
take anything that I don’t have to a lot of this for me personally comes from
being a prescription drug addict okay like it’s just this weird part of my
brain while I’m just like I don’t like having to be on something but if I don’t
maintain my mental health I’m gonna relapse oh you know what I mean so it’s
it’s always this kind of struggle alright so if I don’t have to take it I
won’t take it the other thing is too a lot of antidepressants have side effects
you know what I mean like I won’t get into the ones I have like one of them is
just kind of like a numbness you know what I
mean like sometimes I lack emotions so like that’s one of the side effects and
I just preferred to get off of it if I could you know what I mean
so anyways I went down to ten milligrams I’ve been on until 10 milligrams for you
know I was doing that for two or three months what do you think about me
getting off of it she talked to me a little bit more about how my wife’s were
going to have these symptoms of anxiety and I have it you know and that was
after going for 20 milligrams down to 10 milligrams so she’s like yeah you should
be fine coming off of it again I’m like okay cool so I just I stopped taking it
I will say this I’m going to link to the lost connections video I did up in the
info card this was a depression experiment I did based on the lost
connections book by Johann Hari and like that book really opened my eyes to
antidepressants and I just want to be honest with you like when I was
listening to it and learning about the studies learning about the real effects
of these drugs and how much they actually do help and don’t help and
things like that that was one of the things that made me be like okay look I
just want to come off this and see how I actually feel right so it’s been about a
month now I wanted to wait until it was about four weeks here’s what I suggest
for anybody who tries to do this okay one of the most difficult things about
mental illness like if you break your arm you can see broken harm you can tell
my arm is broken okay when it comes to mental illness the
biggest problem with mental illness is that it’s inside here it is inside the
thing that thinks and makes us act and respond so what that means is if we
start acting wacky if we start acting a little weird if we start acting overly
irritable angry withdrawn all these things sometimes we won’t notice it so
my suggestion to you is to do what I did and what I always do when either getting
on or off of medication I tell people what I’m doing and I tell them that I
need them to let me know if I start acting differently so in this case I
told my girlfriend and my best friend I said hey went to the doctor I’m coming
medications if I start acting crazy please let me know because I might not
realize it so that is my biggest suggestion for anybody who wants to come
off something or if you’re going to start taking something new okay so like
please get other people to kind of monitor you because you might not
realize it all right all the time with my clients at my rehab they come off
their medication and they just they’ll fly off the handles and they’ll just be
so irritable so upset and and they don’t understand it which makes them even more
frustrated and and they don’t get that it was because of the medications so so
we often have to point it out to them I actually had one of my clients come
apologize to me because he was off he went off his meds and didn’t tell
anybody and it kind of freaked out on me one day and he came back and apologized
said you know I went off my meds I’m really sorry about that bad anyways the
results are you know over the last four weeks that I haven’t been taking my
medication I feel great I feel amazing anxiety hasn’t hit me depression hasn’t
been there you know I have my ups and downs but it’s not depression symptoms
it’s like oh man I had a rough day or something sad happened or you know what
I mean like just normal human emotions you know what I’m saying hey Mike for me
like I said my generalized anxiety disorder is like severe whereas my
depression is low and my anxiety has has not been there which is insane it’s
really crazy because I should be anxious constantly with what’s going on in my
life right now like I don’t know if you guys understand this but like those of
you who are my loyal subscribers you see how many videos I post if you follow me
on Instagram by the way follow me on instagram at the rewired soul if you
don’t thank you but hey like I do so much for the rewired soul on top of that
I also work in a drug and alcohol rehab my responsibilities at my rehab have
I’ve gotten more because my old boss she transitioned to a new department so I’ve
taken on a lot of her responsibilities I have a lot of new projects start in the
last week or two that is the type of stuff my anxious brain feeds off of but
I’ve been able to keep a calm head and strategize and organize and not lose my
mind and some of you are saying like hey Chris how do you do that you may or may
not like my answer Mac dictation meditation is why I talk to you guys
about it all the time like meditation is scientifically proven time and time and
time and time and time again to decrease symptoms of anxiety depression emotional
dysregulation and all sorts of stuff and because I’ve been proactive about
meditation my brain has changed I’m experiencing the effects that they’ve
proved through a ton of neurological studies so like that’s my next
suggestion if you are thinking about coming off of your meds make sure you
are being proactive to get your mental health right start creating your own
neurotransmitters though your own dopamine your own endorphins your own
serotonin and all those things before you come off of them that way it’s this
kind of smooth transition you don’t just want to yank these SSRIs out of your
head and then you don’t have anything that’s creating them naturally if that
makes sense now some of those medications are designed to increase the
ability to reproduce those neurotransmitters but you’ve got to be
really proactive about this stuff so so yeah again please share this video I
hope this video helps some of you but I really want you to share it because I
know that a lot of people get really bummed out thinking that they’re gonna
have to be on some kind of psyched man forever and that’s not the case but the
caveat to is you’ve got to put in work and the work I put in comes in the form
of about five to ten minutes of meditation a day that’s it that’s it
five to ten minutes of meditation per day there you go so be proactive about
the stuff talk to your doctor again I’m not a doctor talk to your doctor okay
if any of you have come off your meds or have any experience with medications
leaving down the the comments below and please remember everybody reading the
comments that most of the people posting it are not doctors everybody has
different experiences with medications and all that stuff if you would like me
to do more videos on medications please let me know in the comments down below
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