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– What’s going on Coyote Pack? If you want to win a
Brave Wilderness branded Maxpedition backpack, stay tuned ’til the end of this
episode to find out how. (energetic drum music) Welcome back, Coyote Pack. Now I often review two comments and one question
that I always get is “Coyote, what is in that
pack that’s on your back?” Well, guys, it varies
based on which location we are filming in. Now if it’s the deserts
of the Southwest, the kit may contain
certain things that help me deal
with venomous snakes or creepy crawlies or even
surviving in the desert. When it comes to the
rainforest of Costa Rica, it might be a lot different. I could have a rain
jacket inside of here or things that
allow me to survive in a wet, jungle-like
environment. Right now, we are in
Australia and my kit is very specialized
to this environment especially because I’m doing
a lot of B roll cinematography while we’re on this trip. So, what we’re gonna do now
is actually get into this pack and I’m gonna show you guys
exactly what’s inside my kit. Are you ready? – [Participant] Sounds great. – All right, here we go. Now the first thing that
I always have with me no matter what the location is my trusty hydroflask
water bottle. I never take plastic with
me out into the environment so what I do is
actually fill this up from a filtered faucet
before I head out. This does hold around
12 ounces of water. Usually gets me through
one solid expedition. It’s empty right now for
the purposes of this video but this keeps my
water cold all day long and if I want to
put warm tea in it, like if I’m in Alaska,
and I want to keep warm in the frigid waters
while I’m filming salmon, it also keeps it hot. Pretty cool, huh? All right, now let’s get
into the actual pack. Now this is Maxpedition’s
Riftcore Backpack and it’s actually the first
time I’ve used this pack. This trip here in Australia,
it is making its debut and it’s incredibly well-made. Not only the
stitching, the zippers, and the comfort of the padding, you guys see this, really
strong and durable, it has tons of room
for all of my gear. So, let’s dive inside. All these pockets are
so incredibly handy when I’m out there
trying to store all of my different items. Now this pouch up here is great because it’s actually
a little rigid and inside it allows me
to protect my sunglasses. Now guys, as you know,
I don’t wear sunglasses to look cool, although in
this shot, do I look cool? – [Participant] No. – No, not so much, yeah,
but these almost work like safety glasses
when I’m out there in the environment and moving
through the underbrush. The last thing you want to do is be chasing a lizard and
get yourself poked in the eye with thorns or branches,
so I always have sunglasses with me and this
little pouch up here definitely keeps them protected. I also keep with me in this
an all-weather notebook. This way I can write down notes and little field guide
stats when we are out there in the environment. Often times, I’m keeping
track of the animals that we see on an expedition. So for example if we’re
out there looking for a sand monitor, I can
write down the locations where we have seen
certain animals and then we can
come back later on in the event that I don’t
catch it the first time around. Now to write inside there, I have to have some
writing utensils and that’s what I love about this front main
pouch right here. Open this up, ta da. I’ve got all of my
writing utensils in here. Always carry with me a Signo
pen and also a Sharpie marker. Helps me keep really
detailed notes. Now aside from writing utensils, these little pencil
pouch holders up here are also the perfect
place to store my entomology forceps
and I think you guys recognize this pair
from pretty much every single episode
we’ve ever filmed. Also have my, I guess now it’s made it into
many hit episodes
including the bullet ant and now also the
warrior wasp episode where I can catch a bug
and put it inside there, get it in front
of the camera lens and then get it into
the actual scene. I always have these
two items with me no matter what
environment I am in. Now also in here I have
my trusty SOG fielder. This is my favorite
go-to pocket knife to use when I am
out in the field and SOG tools are my
favorite tool to use when it comes to knives,
multi-tools and flashlights. And you know what guys? In this giveaway with the
bag, I am also giving away an official Coyote Peterson
branded SOG fielder. How cool is that? All right, let me line up some of my other SOG
tools that I have. Since we are on the subject, I also always keep with
me a SOG multi-tool. See this one? It’s a little
micro-tool right there. It also has a good knife
blade and a screwdriver on it. Very handy in any environment. You can’t do
everything with a knife so sometimes a multi-tool
is also necessary. And then a much larger
knife that I always have is the SOG Bladelight. Now what I love
about this product is that it lights up. Check that out. That allows you to work
with the blade in the dark. Very. very good knife,
also waterproof. Use this in all of
our dive episodes. You always want to have a
good dive knife with you and this is pretty much with
me on every single expedition. Now the light on the front
of the bladelight is great but I always have my SOG
Dark Energy Flashlight. I can turn this on and shine
it right into your eyes. It is very bright. This also joins me on every
single expedition, guys. Probably recognize it
from several nighttime harping expeditions,
so check that out. That is my SOG tool
line up right there that always makes it
into my adventure kit. Okay, now the next thing
I’m gonna show you guys you know I always have
with me for any stings that I may come across. Sting-Kill. Never, ever, ever do I
head out on an expedition without a trusty pack
of Sting-Kill wipes. You guys have seen me use
these in multiple episodes where I’m stung by things whether it’s something as
commonplace as yellow jacket or as extreme as a bullet ant,
Sting-Kill is always with me. But not only for myself,
also for the crew because, believe it or
not, you guys often times are also stung by
creatures off-camera. Safety first. – [Participant] That’s great. – [Audience Member]
That is very true. – And one thing that is
ever important is paracord. I always have a good
bundle of paracord with me no matter where I go. Actually paracord is probably
one of the most useful items you can have in any
outdoor environment, whether it’s hoisting
your bag up into a tree to keep it away from bears or just building a simple
sling between two trees to hang up your wet, swampy
clothes after a long adventure. All right, so that’s
pretty much all I have in this main compartment here, so let’s dig into
the heart of the bag. You guys ready? – [Participant] Yeah. – Now what I love
about the Riftcore is you can undo these clasps
and you can open the bag up completely just like this and it’s almost like
having a table on your lap. Now you’ll notice I’ve
got a bunch of gear jumbled right here. Now in Australia
specifically I’ve been doing a lot of B roll cinematography, whether it’s the locations or it’s once we’ve
caught an animal and we’re getting up close. Mark and Mario are also
getting those shots, but these are animals that
I’ve never seen before so I have to take advantage
and get some shots of my own. I love the XA53 because it
gets incredible 4K footage and has an amazing stabilization
feature inside its lens and allows me to zoom
way in on an animal that’s in the distance
and stay completely still. Honestly, a lot of the
really tight B roll shots that you see in the episodes
actually come from this camera. Absolutely one of my favorites. Now whether the
camera’s in my hand or it’s mounted on my shoulder, I also always have with me
the trusty shoulder-mount because if I’m chasing after
something in the environment I need to use both of
my hands to catch it. You may be asking, “Well,
piortee where are the GoPro’s?” You see this little
case right here? Instant-taneous
camera kit and inside are two GoPro HERO6’s, a mini tripod, batteries, and all the
necessary attachments to make sure that in
any instance I am ready to get that quick shot. I’ll tell you what
guys, here in Australia we have gotten some amazing
shots on these GoPro HERO6’s. When we’re out
there in the field, oh, hey, look at that. That’s a Brave Adventures
book right there. I don’t often have
this in my pack but recently we were on tour promoting the Brave
Adventures book and I just so happen
to have one in here. Gosh, I didn’t
even realize that. And, hold on a second, it is. It is an autographed copy, so let’s just throw in
this autographed copy of the Brave Adventures book
with this pack giveaway. You guys want a free book, too? – [Participant] Yeah. – Why not, we’re
giving away everything for the holidays this year. I’m gonna set that
right down there. – [Audience Member]
Hey, isn’t that my copy? – Uh, you know, Mario,
it may be but I think everybody out there
in the Coyote Pack would love to win
an autographed copy so you and Mark need
to autograph it as well and some lucky member
of the pack out there is gonna get it. Now I don’t usually have a
Brave Adventures book with me when we are out on expedition but one book that
I definitely have is Reptiles of Australia. Now anytime I go to
a new environment I make sure that we have
trusty field guides on hand because you may spot an
animal quickly and say, “Okay, I can’t
properly identify that. Let’s get out the field guide and see if we can
find it in there.” And this one is
extremely comprehensive. It’s got snakes,
lizards, turtles, and of course the crocodilian
species here in Australia. Ha, field guides are
totally my favorite. Now last, but
certainly not least, is a pair of clean
dry Wigwam socks. Now I have these with me
on every single location because nothing is better
than ending an adventure with a pair of dry socks. If you have sweaty,
wet swamp feet, nothing makes you feel
better at the end of the day than a pair of clean socks. Oh, yeah, super fresh. You guys want a pair
of free socks, too? Let’s throw in a pair of
Wigwam socks with this kit. All right guys, well
that wraps up the details of what’s inside Coyote’s pack
on our Australian locations. Now if you would like to win
the Maxpedition Riftcore pack, a SOG fielder, the Brave
Adventures autographed book, plus a pair of
clean Wigwam socks, all you need to do is write in the
comments section below. Tell us why you love the
Brave Wilderness channel and what you plan
to do with your kit on your next big expedition. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. Stay wild. We’ll see you on
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