[WINNER TV] episode 3. 위너 의리 테스트

Minho jumps on the airwaves, interrupting the main program We’ve been invited to “Volume Guests”, Part 2
of the program “Turn Up The Volume” There’s a wiretap in my ear! (refers to an 1988 broadcasting incident in Korea) Reporter Seungyoon remains unfazed by the disturbance So we’‘ve been invited today here as WINNER YG Training Center
2 hours to live radio broadcast I’m doomed! I look like a middle-aged man! Hair Designer Nam puts in a few finishing
touches to Minho the Middle-Aged Man’s hairdo Dr. Song the Tangled *stomp* *stomp*
Please hold on while Minho-oppa washes his hair He eventually decides to wash his hair and start over The hairdo seems funny, even to Minho Meanwhile, at the studio… The other members are practicing tracks to play live on the radio Since it’s the radio if the music’s too long It will mean less time for us to talk Can’t you split the rapping between you two? Minho only has one part And it’s being gradually cut down This is why you should never leave during team meetings… Minho’s back, having fixed his hair What about me? (Minho)
We’re leaving out the rapping (Seungyoon) We can only perform the first verse due to time constraints, that’s why We could split the rap between the two of you I’m not that needy *sulking* *sulking* Go ahead without me, I’ll just be washing my hair We have 8 instrumental beats at the beginning We could put the… (Taehyun)
*all ears* (Minho) We could open with your rapping Minho’s grooving to the beat already One more time, one more He wants in! He wants in! You said you’re not that needy! Let’s rewind to a minute back in time… What does ‘needy’ mean? I don’t know that word! There is no such word as ‘needy’ in Minho’s dictionary Meanwhile, Minho’s even decided to add some beatboxing He’s in a good mood because we let him in on the rap! Minho’s happiness is restored with just 4 verses of rap WINNER is on their way to the broadcasting station
For their first radio appearance Leader Seungyoon teaches the members how to introduce themselves properly *stammers*
Echo Song is a beat behind Hello! We are WINNER! Who’s saying it with the low tone? I’ll hold up the low tone end of our intro The team’s harmony leaves Severe Leader Kang satisfied K Broadcasting Station
1 hour to live broadcast Broadcast simultaneously on NAVER tvcast “Welcome” *move* *move*
Hello At their first visit to the station, the members
automatically get up + greet everyone passing by The members monitor the radio show Uber-Concentrated Whatever she says, just smile *get up* Their first-ever radio script They’re very important questions, so please answer them well They peruse through the questions sent in by listeners Leader Kang advises the others, since he’s already been through the experience “On air”
On Part 2 of our show, “Volume Guest”, The music scene’s rising star, WINNER will join us!
to the show, nice to meet you all Hello, we are WINNER! WINNER’s fans have gathered at the station to support their first radio event I’ve been told that this is WINNER’s first official event (Inna)
Yes, that’s true (WINNER) Jinwoo, are you excited? I’m excited, and nervous at the same time You’re speaking into the wrong microphone Their eldest, Jinwoo, talks into the fake microphone You can plug in a cable though (Seungyoon) You can do that? (Jinwoo)
That was cute *blushes* We can’t go on without first listening to one of WINNER’s songs, can we? WINNER’s “Go Up” The members let their excitement out as soon as they go off air Wow, how were you holding all this back until now? “Not needy” Minho is doing well on his rap It’s in Minho’s nature to groove! Listener Lee Hae-In says: Have you prepared something cute?… Or, otherwise, something cute… The elder members are great at being cute Even though I’m the youngest one (Taehyun)
Who’s the cutest of them all? (Inna) Minho’s cuteness is unbelievable (team)
Mr. Song! (Inna) I’m not really good at being cute like this…%^&^*%^ All we need to do is push a button,
and voila, Cuteness Vending Machine Minho’s on it He’s the cutest one According to the group, who’s number one in looks?
I’m really curious too I can see from here that you have really beautiful eyes Honestly, all five of them are really good-looking Thank you They’re all pretty, handsome, have great skin, and
tiny faces.
That’s what I can see here This is how we women feel Let’s have one more track (Inna)
It’s a song called “Just Another boy” (Seungyoon) Teddy made the track for us, and… Let’s listen to it together! This is “Just Another Boy”‘s WINNER (??) It’s WINNER’s “Just Another Boy”! *nervous* *nervous* Jinwoo’s opened a new chapter in slip-of-the tongue incidents on the radio, outdoing Kim
Heung-gook (when he introduced Gummy’s track as “I should have become a spider”) This song is called “WINNER”? It’s really good The song’s called “WINNER”!
*blushes* *blushes* Please look forward to our work, and keep loving us
We love you The team is done with their radio appearance, having
made no big mistakes (only a small one…) They have so many talents, and I think
they will be big in the future So I’m very happy, thank you I’ll keep supporting them, good luck! The members prepare autographs for the listeners I thought you’d have something big prepared, but I guess not Oh, whose is this? (Inna)
Me! (Minho) Your writing’s pretty, it’s very cute You’re the pretty one Come on! What can I do for you?
I can give you anything,
as long as it’s not my lung or something November 29th, 2013
S Hotel, Osaka WINNER members will once again open Big Bang’s concert, here in Osaka Coming soon!
The team’s Osaka opening performance! If we make up for our shortcomings at Saitama and outperform ourselves this time Our first fan meeting with overseas supporters will go well Take a peek at WINNER’s first fan meeting, filled with emotion Spend some time on building teamwork during the rest of your stay COMING SOON Taehyun breaks out in tears
What’s happening to WINNER? November 30th, 2013
Day of Osaka performance Let’s get our game on today too!
Let’s get it going! Let’s go and get performing! En route to Osaka Kyocera Dome You see that UFO-like thing over there? Kyocera Dome! Kyocera Dome: Situated in Osaka, the Dome is a baseball
field and concert hall holding up to 50,000 people Japanese artists who’ve performed here include the popular artists SMAP, Arashi and Amuro Namie Dome Tour
WINNER’s second opening performance The team is ready This is what we always do backstage Acting silly WINNER’s opening performance finally begins The members have done their best to give an improved performance WINNER’s fans avidly support them The members are much more at ease on stage today They are in sync with the audience and seem much more relaxed And so WINNER’s five members keep growing, step by step Dinner time Takoyaki takoyaki Today’s menu is Osaka’s signature dish, takoyaki T Takoyaki Restaurant: Famous for Osaka’s signature dish takoyaki, right off the grill Welcome to Osaka, homeland of the takoyaki I’m hungry (JP) By myself? Yes, here you roast it yourself An unexpected turn of events: They have to roast the takoyaki themselves (JP) How do I make it? After making their takoyaki, the person with the best-looking
and best-tasting batch wins a certificate and uniform I will give them to you as a present Present! The Dumb & Dumber Duo are overjoyed, the word
‘present’ being the only word they understood We’re getting a present! Isn’t it for the person who makes the best batch? Leader and Japanese speaker Kang is the only one who got the message correctly Seeing their reaction, you’d think it was the first time they’ve seen meat The clerk gives a demonstration using pieces of meat, since Taehyun can’t eat seafood Watch carefully How to make takoyaki:
1. Grease the pan, and distribute
generous amounts of choice ingredient & leek 2. Pour batter, add toppings 3. Once the batter’s lightly cooked, use skewers to form balls You have to scrape the batter with a sort of mean spirit 4. Shape the takoyakis and flip them, making sure they don’t burn It’s in shape! See how he snaps his wrist The members have a go at flipping the batter They’re all falling apart (Minho)
I don’t think we can do it (Seungyoon) Taehyun takes a bite Hot hot hot! But it’s delicious! Minho has a go
Be careful (Taehyun) Is it good? H O T A taste only known to those who’ve endured the pain It’s really good! Jinwoo has a go Caution: Facial muscles may experience spasms Seunghoon’s turn The dilemma: to eat or to spit out Look at his eyes Super-concentrated Seungyoon Which one out of the seven? Which one will Seungyoon choose? He could kill with those eyes Congratulations! *blows* *blows* Seungyoon cautiously starts eating D I S A S T E R Leader Kang fails at keeping a straight face due to the pain I’m even bad at roasting meat We bring a guy who can’t even barbecue
pork here
And tell him to roast takoyaki Expectant loser: Taehyun
Notes: Can’t even barbecue meat I’m not even dreaming of winning, but I at least
want to be able to roast my own food I want to be number one The Battle begins These octopus pieces are huge Taehyun gets a head start What’s this? It looks like ramen sauce Give it a go Whatever it is, Taehyun drops some in his batch The members get greedy with the toppings They should taste good, but what’s important is their shape, so decorations matters (clockwise from top left: Seungyoon, Seunghoon, Minho, Taehyun, Jinwoo) My god… This isn’t how it’s supposed to be.. I can’t keep going like this! They’re turning weirder by the minute Did I make too many? It’s going nowhere (lit: It’s headed for the mountains) 3 minutes later I’m doomed Chef Kim starts a round of Takoyaki First Aid However, the patient seems to be beyond all help Wait a minute, Jinwoo, what are you doing? I’m doomed (Jinwoo)
I think we’ve heard that phrase before I’m doomed! This is what we call a deja-vu (Seunghoon’s takoyaki) I need to evacuate some of these…
What are you doing? (Minho) You are currently witnessing the scene of a Takoyaki Crisis Expectant loser Taehyun tastes his batch as soon as they’re fully cooked (bad choice) He takes a bite Another bite Mine taste good Don’t you think mine look good? Self-nominated ‘dark horse’ Minho’s done with his batch (Seungyoon, Seunghoon, Minho, Taehyun, Jinwoo) Who will be chosen Takoyaki Master? Candidate 1: Seungyoon
A dish by takoyaki master-chef Kang Seungyoon Candidate 2: Seunghoon
A single ball of takoyaki, miraculously rescued from the batch Candidate 3: Minho
Self-proclaimed winner Candidate 4: Taehyun
Everyday takoyaki, focused on being edible rather than being winner material Candidate 5: Jinwoo
A batch that’s endured a crisis with determination A mysterious laugh breaks across their judge’s face So, who is today’s Takoyaki Master? The members suddenly break out their charm towards the judge Takoyaki Chef of the Day: Master Seungyoon I won! I won! Today’s Present The present: Uniform + Certificate Seungyoon’s unlocked the right to work at this restaurant from tomorrow onward Let’s set a penalty for the one who made the worst-tasting takoyaki Today’s Penalty: In Japanese, you have to ask someone ‘Don’t you know me?’ That’s too much… Do you want my autograph? A humiliating penalty Whose takoyaki will submit him to this penalty? The loser is Jinwoo (?) The actual loser is Seunghoon Jinwoo was simply fooled by the judge’s trick move Jinwoo breaks out in joy As desperation hits Seunghoon Penalty time This is embarrassing… The others hold their breath and watch (JP) Hello~ The scene of the penalty is embarrassing to death I can’t breathe Seunghoon feels nauseated (JP) Do you know me? Shall we take a
photo together? Do you want my autograph? My god, he’s being all hesitant and jittery He’s good at this stuff, he’s just pretending (JP) Um…excuse me… Excuse me, but do you know me? (Seunghoon)
What’s with him? (girl) The members imprint this humiliating scene for posterity (JP) I’m sorry, I’m sorry everyone Erm…do you want my autograph?
(Even as he says it himself he finds it ridiculous) All I need to do is to get your
autograph? (girl)
Is that alright with you? (Seunghoon) Minho and Seungyoon are called in to help with the
– Hi, nice to meet you (Minho, Seungyoon) We are WINNER They wanted to do this all along! Why did
they have to drag me into this business! We thought Minho and Seungyoon were going to “help” resolve the situation… But they end up making the situation worse
– We’re
in the same company as Big Bang (JP) Shut up! (Seungyoon)
(JP) He likes women… I’m sorry (Seughoon) Anyway, penalty complete! WINNER in crisis?! As Taehyun sheds tears… What’s happening to WINNER? 2 hours ago Their day being over, the members gather for a nighttime snack Staff: Taehyun, go to your room and pretend to be resting Taehyun leaves the room by himself, having received a mysterious text from the staff Taehyun & Seungyoon’s room I’ve been eating at night again, so I’m going to exercise! Taehyun’s nighttime exercise session Meanwhile, the room next door… Is the staff’s situation room The members’ rooms are being recorded live Staff: We can see what you’re doing Testing: Can they really see me? Wow, that’s amazing… How…
Can you see me? Yes, we can see everything Taehyun is called to the staff’s room Wow what’s this? How? What’s this? An unbelievable sight Jinwoo, Seunghoon & Minho’s room: Drama-watching time The main characters haven’t started dating yet, right? No, not yet Have they kissed?
No, I think they’re going to soon Totally serious The Three Dramateers There are those are secretly being taped And those who secretly watch them Q: What are you up to today?
– In the team, I’m
the one who doesn’t act cute, who doesn’t talk much So, the members are a bit uncomfortable with me Taehyun’s Loyalty Test Scene 1:
Leave the hotel without permission Taehyun’s Loyalty Test Scene 2:
Finish eating and realize he’s forgotten his wallet Taehyun’s Loyalty Test Scene 3:
Ask for help from each of the members Taehyun’s Loyalty Test Scene 4:
See which member sneaks out to come help him The members are not allowed to go outside the
hotel except for their official group events With Taehyun in the staff meeting, Seungyoon’s come back to his own room Where is he? I’m here~ This is how Seungyoon spends his time… Taehyun had started filling the tub for a bath before leaving his room He said he wanted to take a bath, where’s he gone to? Taehyun takes a guess at how each member would react to his plan I think Jinwoo would come In Minho’s case, I think he’d just keep doing that *wriggles* *wriggles*
Oh god, what is he doing? Seungyoon, I think would contact the staff and
say “I need to go get Taehyun” Seunghoon, he’d know this was a trick Just like that, he’d tell Minho I don’t think any of them will come get me Emergency: Seungyoon suddenly takes out his coat and starts putting it on Is Seungyoon going on an unauthorized outing? It’s his outfit for tomorrow Seungyoon practices his model pose On a fashion marathon / On a drama marathon On the other hand, everyone in the staff
room is busy preparing for Taehyun’s plan Launching Taehyun’s Loyalty Test I will now head for the restaurant right in front of the hotel En route to Taehyun’s Test headquarters The other members take no notice of Taehyun’s absence A loyalty test for WINNER members Will they pass the test? Taehyun has arrived at the testing location The cameras are in place Seungyoon just texted me “Taehyun, where are you?”, that’s what he sent me It’s been some time since I’ve left, so I guess he got worried For now, I won’t text him back The calm before the storm I’ll contact Minho first “Minho, what are you up to?” Minho checks Taehyun’s text right away Which one’s the conditioner? (conditioner is called ‘rinse’
in Korea and Japan for some reason) Minho’s reply is halfhearted And the foam cleanser? “What’s up with you two?” This is what I’m going to send him: “I
got out because I wanted fresh air” “I had some drinks and stuff, but I
lost wallet and can’t pay my bill…” *gets up* Minho is startled “Don’t tell anyone”
“what? Are you out by yourself?” “You didn’t tell anyone you were leaving, right?”
“I’m sorry…but
please come and help me pay my bill” Actor Nam is deep in his text-acting Meanwhile, it looks like Seungyoon is headed somewhere He goes into the next room, looking for Taehyun Where’s Taehyun? He’s not here I thought he was in this room… ‘What am I going to do…’ Minho is looking for something Wallet He starts by packing his wallet He takes a deep sigh “So where are you? Are you near the
hotel? How much are you being charged?” Where’s Taehyun? (Minho)
I don’t know (Seunghoon) I asked him where he was – he’s read my message but not replying Minho brought 20,000 yen to buy shoes, on this trip to Japan So I said “About 10,000 yen. I thought
it was 1,000 when I ordered it” He keeps on sending me the annoyed face,
He’s annoyed “It’s quite expensive, the drinks were expensive… About 10,000 yen…
I thought it was 1,000 when I ordered” “…what??” Oh… my money…my shoes… Minho’s lying on the bed with his hand on his forehead Taehyun is having a great time playing tricks on the elder members How is he going to handle this situation? Will Minho come help me? Earlier, I predicted that he’d probably not come get me Minho gets up Is he on his way out? The chairman (Mr. Yang Min-sik) is on his way here He prepares a solid alibi Where are you going? Minho leaves the hotel room without saying a word Loyal Minho has chosen Taehyu over his shoes His footsteps are as heavy the 10,000 yen the trip will cost him Minho arrives at the restaurant Actor Nam starts getting into character (sobbing) Minho… I’m sorry You ass****! I’m sorry…really… I just felt so…locked up… take a seat I’m not going to sit down, we have to get back Just a moment Taehyun forces Minho to sit down, in order to successfully bust him Really, I just got out because I felt so locked up in there But we’re abroad, and things didn’t work out as I planned What do you mean, your plans didn’t go well? Ordering, and stuff It was confusing and all You ordering food or paying, I don’t mind that
That’s not the problem right now I don’t care how much it cost That’s not what I’m talking about, Taehyun
[Minho takes a severe tone] Don’t you get what I’m talking about? I do… Minho’s charisma as ex-leader is showing off But you came here, and I’m really grateful Honestly speaking, you were the first person I contacted,
but I didn’t think you’d come out here Actor Nam shows his drunk self, without the help
of even a drop of alcohol (talking jibberish) Minho keeps on sighing Actually I was really curious as to whether you’d come here Actually, I didn’t lose my wallet What the f*** are you talking about? But you’re here, and I’m so touched! What’s going on? Minho starts looking around Is there a camera here? There’s no camera here! Actor Nam changes the topic Taehyun, we’re here without permission from the company I don’t like that You know our situation here, we’re on TV But you got out! Without permission! Without telling anyone! I really don’t think this is right I think I’ve made the wrong decision Now we’re on camera… But that camera is still rolling here…. Oh this is fun~ fun~ Come on Minho – punked! Come on! What’s all this! It’s annoying Why are we doing this! Why? Because it’s a loyalty test… He’s totally capable of running something like this! 100,000 won? (about 100 USD) I was worried about how I was going to talk you down Minho wanted to show Taehyun the right way Minho’s loyalty – as thick as his swearing – successfully confirmed! Punked When we were in Saitama, he said that he wanted to experience Japan Taehyun’s carefully planted baits for his masterplan, starting with their first performance in Japan Do you think Seungyoon will come get him? Seungyoon? He will, but he’ll be mad Really mad What does a mad Seungyoon look like? When Seungyoon’s angry and is trying to calm down:
1. He dances When Seungyoon’s angry and is trying to calm down:
2. He exercises When Seungyoon’s angry and is trying to calm down:
3. He listens to music “What’s up with you, checking my messages but not replying?” Taehyun hasn’t replied to Seungyoon’s messages on purpose “You’re not in the room next door either” “Where are you?”
– I think he’s really angry right now “What’s with you?” “Where are you?”
– He keeps texting me “I’m actually outside, I felt so locked up in there” “I’m outside, in front of the hotel, I
felt so locked up”
“But there’s a problem” “I’m sorry”
“I ordered some food, but Iost my wallet and can’t pay” I’d get mad at me, really If there were someone like this in my team, and saying the same thing I’d start off by swearing “What is it?”
“I ordered some food but lost wallet and can’t pay for it” *gets up* “Well done!”
“Where are you?” Taehyun feels closer to heaven the madder the others get Attack two! “I read 10,000 yen as 1,000” Takes a deep sigh I’m not getting any replies! Is he reporting Taehyun to the staff? Taehyun is a nervous wreck Seugyoon leaves the room
(in his outfit for tomorrow) Where are you going? I’m going to the convenience store… Why are you on your own? I’m getting some fresh air What about Taehyun? Taehyun expected Seungyoon to notify the staff Taehyun’s sleeping Contrary to their expectations, Seungyoon lies to the staff Taehyun’s busy getting into character Taehyun’s really hitting it off with his acting today,
And even gives us some tears He starts sobbing his heart out Teacher Kang, who usually never stands against injustive Seungyoon’s already expressed his anger through his texts How will Seungyoon react? What are you up to? They’re open until 2 here… I’m sorry… Leader Kang softens at Taehyun’s unexpected tears I felt so locked up Let’s get back But, we have to pay… I’ll take care of it Let’s hurry and go A man’s man, Seungyoon gets to action Has he found something? Oh! What’s that? Come on! That was no fun! I even cried! Seungyoon’s bust brings a premature end to Actor Nam’s tears Your reaction is no fun at all! What’s all this! Anyway! We’ve been reunited! Thank you The members really do care for me That’s a camera? You can see everythning from the room next door We have two cameras up in the ceiling, right?
They’re being streamed live on a TV screen You can see everything We saw you and your fashion show From the nude dancing to the fashion show We saw it all
(Why are do you have that leg up in the air?) Seungyoon has a mental breakdown (popular Korean slang for ‘being shocked’) This is too much, come on! But we enjoyed it! They were all “Oh he’s so cute~” and all Seungyoon’s face lights up Loyalty confirmed! Third victim: Jinwoo
(sleeping in a mini-bed) Actor Nam gets going He’s read it, I guess everyone’s looking at their phones right now “Jinwoo…”
Shows no interest (anxious) He’s read my message… Jinwoo displays no reaction to Taehyun’s message Did Minho tell him about Taehyun’s trick? No reply, even after you’ve read it, huh? He replied! It’s just typical Jinwoo: “Yeap!!”, all bright and cheerful “Are you the only one looking at his phone?” All you’re doing is eat here… Seungyoon’s taking his anger out on the food And pay up when you leave “Yesh. Why are you being so, so serious? (In a very cute tone) “I’m in trouble…” (Seungyoon’s disappointed) He had acting lessons, and look how he’s using his skills now He’s putting his acting into cheating his elders right now Will he ignore my first attack? I have just 10,000 yen, and you said exactly 10,000 yen Still annoyed “I ate something, but I lost my wallet and I can’t pay for it” Jinwoo immediately replies Jinwoo’s so cute! Where are you… TAT “But it’s expensive, I read the tag as
10,000 yen when it really was 1,000” (Seunghoon ignores the text) Jinwoo gets up Jinwoo’s Case:
1. He has no cash If you ask Jinwoo for 10,000 yen, he won’t have the money Jinwoo unpacks his suitcase and starts looking for something He’s looking into his pockets, so he must be searching for cash The two members break out in laughter He’s still looking… He’s so cute My god Jinwoo finally finds his wallet Jinwoo’s Case:
2. He’s terrible at directions I’m going to lend them something (although the others simply don’t care) Jinwoo even
uses a prop for the perfect alibi At the restaurant, everyone’s busy dealing with news of Jinwoo’s visit Seungyoon is getting his money’s worth, even in a hideout I’m going downstairs…just for some fresh air… You want some fresh air? At this time? *hither* *thither* Jinwoo’s been lost in the hotel lobby for the past 10 minutes Jinwoo, do you want to go to the convenience store and get a soda? (surprised) What?
Do you want to go get a soda? How do I get out of here? Jinwoo joins the staff in order to find the way out Get a video of him going to the store! The staff are putting on their acting skills, for a smooth trick Am I on? Where are you going?
(in his on-camera vibe) To the convenience store, the convenience store I want some fresh air… It’s 2:30
I wanted some fresh air, and I got caught by the camera So his is where it is…
I didn’t know the way here What are you doing, not sleeping until 2:30? I.. took a shower and just got in my bed… What are the others doing?
They’re all there Jinwoo says “they’re all there”, when asked “what are they doing?” Contrary to his sharp answer, Jinwoo’s eyes seem uncertain *looks around* *looks around* Even on his way to the convenience store, Jinwoo
looks for the restaurant Taehyun is at Jinwoo has no choice but to go to the convenience store In a hurry to leave, Jinwoo’s left the hotel wearing his slippers An unplanned round of shopping takes place Why isn’t he here? Why not? I bet he’s lost Jinwoo lets out a cry of sorrow It’s 2:31! My last trip to the convenience store in Japan I’m going to go to bed now Bye bye He successfully breaks away from the staff And hurries back to the hotel Will Jinwoo’s attempt end in failure? Coming Soon! He’s here! He’s with somebody As expected, Jinwoo’s asking for directions After all the twists and turns, Jinwoo makes his way to help Taehyun (after half an hour) Jinwoo finally arrives at the restaurant I’m doomed! What am I going to do! Why? What’s all this? I got caught on my way out… By whom? The director… I told him I was going to the convenience store… Jinwoo, you go ahead and have a taste of that… I just wanted to get out for a moment But I lost my wallet on my way out So I had to stay here Let’s go
Let’s hurry and go Are the producers still out there? Are the producers still out there? They’re gone
All of them? So nobody knows?
Nobody Of course they know… Pay me back later Of course I’m going to pay you back, this is a lot of money Thank you Jinwoo helps Taehyun, after taking a minor detour
to a destination right across the street And so we have one more successful case! Symbol of loyalty Was this in the plan? Was it all planned out? I sneaked out after I told them I was going back to my room He got caught (Jinwoo’s adventurous escapade) I got out again I got caught the first time, on the second floor At the lobby, bu the director And he said he wanted to film me on my way to the store I’m wearing slippers Jinwoo doesn’t even have his soles on (to make him look taller) *all bright and cheery* Anyhow…it’s 2:39 But we have an event at 8am tomorrow Seunghoon’s fallen asleep now Maybe next time for Seunghoon, who’s fast asleep WINNER’s night in Osaka was spent reassuring their loyalty to each other Loyalty tests successfully completed! Watch reruns at NAVER tvcast