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One who suffers from weakness or high blood sugar Drink its infusion early morning empty stomach Consume it daily 1-2 months or even years It is completely harmless It only acts as tonic with benefits and no harm at all I am Mrs Vineeta Fooniya I am from Mana village I got married in the year 2000 Since then I stay here at Neeti village It’s been almost 18 years living here Since Neeti is last village on Indo-Tibet border We have no basic facilities here I have hence developed very vast knowledge about Traditional remedies and healthcare I have myself used them here successfully over years In earlier times if anyone suffered from Pneumonia Typhoid There were no definitive diagnostic tools as of present But we could know from symptoms The main fatal symptom was high grade fever In both Typhoid & Pneumonia We used to boil our edible Mandua flour Till the mixture turned into a thick paste We then added Black salt to it And gave this to the patient like a soup This used to provide relief Atees is used to treat stomach aches We in local terms call it as “gola”/Gulma in our language NOTE: “Corresponds to obstruction / flatulence / soft tumors” It is mostly caused due to undertaking heavy physical work In such cases an aqueous paste of Atees root Gives immense relief Hathajadi is used to heal cuts & wounds I have just used it as ointment here On my deep cut as you can see which is healed In any kind of deep cut’s If we apply the aqueous paste of Hathajadi Then there is absolutely no requirement for stitches. Brahamakamal is used as offering inn Puja rituals Especially during our Ashtami rituals Brahamakamal is exclusively offered However know I have observed that The ash which is obtained after Heating Brahmakamal plant in in a closed vessel over flame Is highly useful to treat gynaecological disorders Me: You mean to treat excessive bleeding Or White discharge (Leucorrohea)? For Leucorrohea.. In earlier times ,boils & carbuncles were very common ailments There were no antiseptic injection For example TT etc So we used the root of Dolu plant To cure the pathology We created an aqueous paste And applied it around the boil as an ointment It suppurated the boil and cured it within 3 days This is Dolu root I was mentioning As used to treat boils & carbuncles & even tumours We tae a small piece of it And as per the pathology We create a aqueous paste By rubbing it in stone & water And apply it around the lump As an ointment Most times we get results in a day If relief not obtained in one day Then the process is repeated next day By 3rd day I all pathologies will be cured This is Ghritkumari People suffering from weakness High Blood sugar Or any immunological / Viral disorders Consuming its decoction Or even an hot infusion is highly beneficial We also use it with black tea sometimes When people visit here from lower elevations As they experience immense heat there Te fall sick here due to extreme cold We then give them infusion made From Katuki herb for instant relief Katuki is found at 13-14000 ft elevation This is also known as Kadvi This is highly beneficial to treat High Blood Sugar And as mentioned one who experience immense heat The hot or cold infusion of Kadwi is given If someone experience immense heat Then cold infusions given And if someone catches cold or viral Than hot infusions given The moment one feels the symptoms One dose is given which is Morning Then next morning again And if required in the evening So 3 doses max ME: What happens if it is consumed daily ? It may cause severe harm It will reduce qualitative blood If we have Chirayta herb in stock Then we add it with Kadwi Forv enhancement and control The present Shri Modiji’s Government Is popularising the use of this herb as vegetable It has anti-cancer properties & cardiac benefits This grows only in alpine regions Or icy plains Ladakh people have been using this plant in form of Vegetable or as Infusion As a tonic over centuries This is called Syalphadu locally Oden times we used its eaves as tea I am referring to our traditional “Bhutia” tea Or “GURGUR” tea as it is now popularly known Which also has ghee (clarified butter) and salt This is excellent medicine for Urinary fact stones A Areca nut(Supari) sized piece is used for infusion Which has to be taken 2-3 times a day Around 150-250ml Ayurveda doctors call this as “Balchad” We call it locally as “laaljadi” Due to its red coloured root Oil prepared by cooking it Is applied for healthy hair It is dried and also used as food condiment or spice It imparts coloraturas and flavour Rajma or meat preparations Even small entire piece is added many times It imparts flavour This is used in special Puja rituals We call it Bhutakesh It is used to ward of evil spirits and epidemics It isn wrapped as a amulet or kept with us in our wallet It is highly protective I have Mitha Jadi up there hanging It is passed on to us that One who knows its use Softly speaks “Non believers, occult followers” The use it for wrong & illegal activities In olden times as people were addictied To cannabis or similar intoxicants Similarly is addiction to Meetha jadi People mix 3-4 ingredients The root Honey And one more herb All this are crushed and rolled in a ball An consumed as an intoxicant Any person who can assimilate / digest Mitha He will never fall sick If one knows its secrets its an elixir But for rest its a very lethal poison causing death We have to wear gloves while procuring it And wear mask to prevent inhaling its poisonous aroma And then we carefully dry it and store One will get severe allergy if gloves not worn Uncontrollable itching This plant has 3 variations Mitha The other two variety names I do not recollect I can identify the plant but names cannot recollect Me: Is it true that even animals can get Intoxicated or comatose around this plant ? Yes very true We do not send our livestock to that forest Where this plant is found Only one who knows its antidote, Mantra, Occult Only he / she can take the risk We do not use Mitha for patients Mostly we use it only on us We only use it in elderly not youngsters Externally Mtha jade is useful To treat alopecia (hair loss) of eyebrows Which we term as “khushiya” locally Then we use this isn a special preparation As ointment to regrow hair Only one who knows and uses it Then he / she is like ageless , without disease, ever young No medicine, poison will hurt them No hunger no thirst, they can only Survive on Meetha This is Bantulasi This is prime herb offered to Lord Badrinathji It is boo high importance and considered divine When Lord Badrinath did Tapasya Bantulasi was the first plant he held Hence people offer Bantualsi as most sacred of offering To Lord Badrinathji In any other Devi temple or likewise We generally take flowers and some eatables as prasada But at Badrinathji We take garland made from Banatulasi Or just plain Bantulasi We use it medicinally like green tea Its tea is made similar to normal tea In winters its tea with honey Is highly beneficial as protective to infections People who drink normal tea Suffer from gastric irritation and disorders But this in form of herbal tea has no ill effects And promotes health and immunity This is Takkar This only found at elevations of 13-14000ft This used as fumigation It takes 2 days to procure the plant We dry and powder it and mix it With other Dhoop ingredients To creata a masala (mix) for incense fumigation Other important mix here is Jatamansi Alongwith Takkar And one more prime ingredient is Dhup plant Gugual Dhup I understood separately in 4-5 variants We create incense base from this I have mixed some ghee in the masala mix Now I am kneading it like a dough Now with three fingers I will create cone shape Same like kneading dough for roti This follows similar process On drying it will stay put Then just expose to flame We do not use Bamboo for incense Its considered unholy & impure Either use dried cones or burn the powder I have made provision for homestay here in my house I can offer my services as Guide to Hiking & research enthusiast I can make all provisions towards tourist For a comfortable stay here at Neeti