Yoga Wash – Detox Flow | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello everyone and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adriene. Today we have an
awesome detoxifying flow. This is a quick little ditty to
just purify the energetic body and help you feel like
yourself in your own skin. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my friends,
let’s begin standing today at the top of the mat. Go ahead and take a
look down at your sweet feet. Just step ’em a little bit
wider than hip width apart. Start with a little space today,
toes pointing forward. Then you’re gonna press in
all four corners of the feet, bend your knees, tuck your
chin down towards your chest. Feel that awesome stretch in
the back of the neck right away. And then press your
feet into the earth. Slowly begin to
straighten the legs, draw energy up
from the pelvic floor, engage those muscles and we’ll
slowly begin to rise up with awareness through the spine. Eventually lifting the head
and aligning head over heart, heart over your
center of your pelvis. Great, right away
today we’re gonna swim the fingertips
behind to interlace. Just right behind your back and
you’re gonna draw the knuckles down and away and since this is
the beginning of our practice you might keep the
wrist nice and square here. You don’t have to necessarily
bring the palms together. So feel your feet on the earth, lift your heart
up towards the sky. Open up through the chest, take a deep breath
in and then exhale. Bend your knees
and we’re gonna slowly, nice and slow, bring the belly
to the tops of the thighs and allow the knuckles
to draw a big line, a big rainbow, all the
way up and overhead. Alright, here we are.
Now we’re into it. Start to breathe
a little deeper, welcome to your detox flow. Swift one here today so let’s
tap into the breath right away. Nice work, press into the feet,
bend the knees, slowly digging into the heels
to rise all the way back up. So just reverse the action. This time you’re
gonna release the hands, fingertips reach all
the way up towards the sky. Palms come together,
catch something. And then bring back
down to your heart. Notice how you feel. Take a deep breath in. And a long breath out. Feet should not have moved. If they have go ahead and
replace them nice and mindfully and then we’ll send the
fingertips around this time opposite thumb that
you did before on top. Knuckles will draw down and away
as we open up through the chest. Lengthen tailbone down,
breathe deep. Hello Benji. Then here we go. Nice firm footing here,
lift your chest. Look up, take a deep breath in
and slowly as you breathe out bend your knees, send your heart
slowly down towards the earth. Belly comes to
the tops of the thighs and then we wring it out here. Shake the head
a little yes, a little no. Nice cleansing breaths here. Out with the old,
in with the new. Just creating space. Kind of the image of wringing
the sponge here as we breathe in and out of our asana. Alright, take one more
feel good breath here. And then grounding
through the feet, bend your knees generously and
press into the earth to reverse the action once
again and rise up strong. Lift your heart and
then release the fingertips. You’re gonna reach the
fingertips all the way up, big stretch, big breath,
Volcano Pose. So we’re lifting up
through the front body. We’re grounding
through the back body. Palms are gonna face each
other here and then go ahead and create space by
bringing the hands really wide, as if you’re
holding a big beach ball. Now, lift the
kneecaps just a bit here. Tone the quads as you do so. Take a nice big breath in. Get really tall and then as you exhale
bring the palms together and trace a line back
down to your heart center. Namaste. Great, we’ll release
the fingertips here come to Mountain Pose, Tadasana. So such a great foundation for
all of your standing postures but I believe a simple
Mountain Pose can also be a really
nice palate cleanser. It can be a really
nice grounding and even yes detoxifying,
if you think of it in terms of energy, shape, right? We can’t always get into the
twists just anywhere so you can take a moment here in Tadasana to really just
find your footing. To lift up
through the pelvic floor, create a clear
channel for the energy to flow up and down the body. Through that center plumb line. Yeah. So think of it
as a good wash, a good war-sh, a palate cleanser
here as you maybe close your eyes or soften
your gaze downwards. Just to go in, listen to
the sound of your breath. Alright, nice work. Bend your knees gently
and on your next big inhale, we’ll send the
fingertips back up. Big stretch, big breath. On the exhale, palms come
together and they’re gonna slice right down through
the midline, Forward Fold. Nice, inhale lift up halfway. Again, think about creating
a nice clear pathway for the energy to run up and
down your spine here. So nice and easy and
then exhale to soften and bow. Great, fingertips are
gonna come to the earth. You’re gonna slide just the
right toes back and lower the right knee to the ground. Great, right hand’s gonna come
to the earth and then you’re gonna inhale, lift the
left fingertips up high. Breathe into your belly here.
Big twist, big stretch. So back knee’s gonna
stay down for this first one. Take a deep breath in here,
open up through the front body. Bring the
shoulder blades together. Great, and then exhale,
come all the way back down. Great, you’re gonna lift the
back knee here and then you’re just gonna step that back
foot to meet the front. Plant your feet, Forward Fold. Nice, inhale, halfway lift. Catch a wave here and
then exhale soften and bow. Bend the knees, ground to rise. Inhale, reach for the sky. And we’re going
right back down, palms come together, exhale. Slicing a line
as you Forward Fold. Nice, inhale halfway lift. Find length in the neck and exhale, soften and fold. Fingertips come to the mat. Now, left toes
slide back this time. Lower the left knee to the
ground and here we go left hand to the earth, right fingertips
reach towards the sky. Front knee stays
right over that front ankle. And we breathe deep here, pulling that right
hip crease back. We’re not collapsing
in the shoulder but pressing away from the earth. And then lean back here. Open up through the chest. Draw all the
shoulder blades together. Find that expansion as
you breathe downward into the belly,
massaging the internal organs by taking nice, full breaths. Downward breaths. And then bring it
all the way back, beautiful. Lift the back knee, once you
come to frame your right foot, open up through the chest. We’ll give it a little rock, bend both knees
and then step that back foot up to meet the front. Beautiful, inhale, halfway lift.
Catch a wave. Exhale, soften and bow. Once again, root to rise,
inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, palms come
together and we’re gonna go all the way back down,
bend the knees. Inhale, halfway lift,
your version. Exhale to fold. Fingertips to the earth,
slide the right toes back. We’ll start with the knee
lowered at first then we’ll bring the right hand to the
earth and inhale left fingertips up towards the sky. Now you can stay here. You can experiment
lifting the back knee, pause, find your foundation. Then, with back
knee lifted or lowered, you’re gonna inhale, exhale. Bring the left fingertips,
you’re gonna thread the needle here all the way
underneath the right arm. Beautiful, inhale pull
the left hip crease back, send the left fingertips up
towards the sky and then exhale, wringing out the sponge here. Again, back knee can
be lowered or lifted here. Inhale, open up. Exhale, twist. Great, inhale,
come back to center, frame the left foot. You’re gonna look forward. Give it a rock and then exhale, step the feet
back up to the front. Toes pointing forward. Great, inhale halfway lift. Exhale to soften and fold. Root to rise in here. Big breath,
big stretch, take up space and then palms come together, Jai Namaste and down we go. Moving with your breath,
inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, soften and fold. Fingertips to the earth, step
or slide the left toes back. Start with that
back knee lowered. Oh, Benji, you’re so sweet. And here we go, left hand
to the earth, big twist. Open up to the right, inhale. Now, here, you can
keep the back knee lowered. Maybe experiment lifting it up. If you do that,
really reach your left heel towards the back edge. Take a deep breath
in and then exhale, thread the needle. Big twist here, right fingertips
come in underneath the left arm. Big stretch. Great, here we go,
nice and slow. Careful not to rush this.
Inhale, reach up. Massaging the internal organs,
opening up through the hips. Exhale to twist. Beautiful, one more, you got it. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, moving with the breath. Twist, awesome work. Frame the right foot,
come back to center, bend both knees, catch little
momentum here and then step the back foot up to meet
the front and this time we’re gonna
bring the feet together. Really together, arch to arch. Bend your knees as generously
as you need as you Forward Fold. Extended over the front leg, Standing Extended
Forward Fold, Uttanasana. Shake the head loose. And then, here we go,
catch a wave. Big inhale halfway lift. Integrate with
the breath, exhale, fold. Now, from here, bend the knees,
send the hips back. Inhale to reach forward,
send the hips back, Chair Pose, Utkatasana. Naval draws in and up. Send the hips back,
lift your toes. Now come into that big beach
ball shape again with the arms. So we’re not really narrow. It’s kind of, it’s very
specific here to you. Right, unique and
specific in your body. Send the hips
back a little more. Maybe bend the
knees little more. Maybe lift the
thumbs a little more. Inhale, and then exhale,
palms come together and we’re gonna slice it right down. Beautiful! Inhale halfway lift. Exhale, let it all go. From here we’re gonna
step the right toes back and then step the left
toes back. Plank Pose. Feel free to lower the
knees for Half Plank here. Otherwise, keep
the knees lifted. Press away from the yoga mat. Now we’re gonna dial the
fingertips out just a bit so that your index finger
and thumb are facing towards the front edge of your mat. Upper arm bones follow suit. Now rock front, rock back. Rock front, and then here we go,
lift the hips up and back, Downward Facing Dog. Nice cleansing breath as you
find your Downward Dog here. Inhale in through the nose and
empty out through the mouth. Pedal it out here,
claw through the fingertips. And then take a
moment to find stillness. Close your eyes. Inner thighs rotate in. Upper arm bones rotate
out away from your ears. Claw through the fingertips
for one more cycle of breath. Really listen to your breath. Feel that vibration, that Prana,
that energy moving in your body. Nice, then bend the knees. Belly comes towards
the top of the thighs, inhale to look up. And exhale to
make your way there. Feet together, really together. Inhale, halfway lift. Focus on the flush of energy,
the blood flow, the sensation as you exhale,
Forward Fold all the way down. Once again, root to rise. Inhale, reach it up,
straighten the legs. And exhale, soft landing hands to heart, Mountain Pose. Just take a second
here to close your eyes. Observe your beautiful breath. Alright, gently release the arms
and we’re gonna come to turn on our mat now for a
standing wide legged position. So step back on
your mat just a bit so you have some
room to fold forward. And you’re just gonna
bring your feet nice and wide. Turn the toes in just a
bit so that you can feel that connection to the
outer edge of the feet. Then draw energy up
through the inner thighs, stand up nice and tall and
you’re gonna bring your left hand to your heart and
your right hand to your belly. And you can actually use this
right hand to just check in with the tilt of your pelvis. And I won’t tell you exactly
what to do here but rather to just pay attention to the tilt
of the pelvis and find something that feels supportive for you
that turns on the muscles of your abdominal wall just a bit. And then once you’ve taken a
moment to find your foundation here, we’ll inhale
in and then exhale, you’re gonna send the hips back,
press the right hand into your lower belly and then press your
heart in towards your left hand. You’re gonna just
come forward halfway and then come all the way up. Great, let’s check it out again. Coming forward all the way. Press your right hand into
your lower belly and then try to reach your sternum
into your left hand. So playing with a
little bit of opposition here. Back up we come. And last time, here we go. Hold onto your
foundation nice and strong, engage the inner thighs. Right hand
presses into lower belly. Heart really reaches forward. Great, and then this time we’re
gonna release the hands and bring them to the earth. If you need to bend
your knees here please do. Nice deep breaths. If you need to pause the video,
maybe grab a book or block so you can practice this Standing Wide-Legged
Forward Fold with a little prop you can do that. When you’re ready, you’re gonna
take the left fingertips or the left palm to the center,
just below your nose. And then as you’re ready
big sweeping motion here, inhale, right
fingertips to the sky. Pause here, find that expansion
that we had before the lunge and breathe into your belly. Inhale, exhale,
right hand replaces the left. Nice and easy, strong foundation
in the legs as you inhale, left fingertips up high. Breathing into
the belly here, inhale. Exhale, left hand
replaces the right. Try to go a little deeper each
time finding more ex– expansion as you inhale.
(laughs) That was a blend
of extension and expansion. And then a deeper fold
as you exhale and switch. And this will evolve, of course,
through regular practice and time so just be kind and gentle. We’ll go one more
round on each side. Make sure you’re
breathing into your belly here. Inhale to reach. Exhale to soften and switch. Nice work and then bring it back
to center and we’ll bring the hands or the fingertips
just below the shoulders. Now, check it out,
soft bend in the knees. You’re gonna slide your right
fingertips maybe to grab your big toe here and then
slide your left fingertips maybe to grab your big toe. If that is absolutely
just not in the reach, like not all, you’re gonna bend
your knees and you’re gonna work on your fingertips here. And you’re just gonna
walk the fingertips one way and then walk
the fingertips the other. If you are able to take your
peace fingers and grab your two big toes you might play with
bending your elbows and slowly one day working to bring the
crown of your head to the earth. So we’re here or working here. Both great options, both options
kind of challenging our breath here so make sure
not holding your breath. But staying connected. If you’re holding
onto the big toes, say one more
cycle of breath here. Big inhale, big exhale
and then everyone press into the outer
edges of the feet. Come back to wrists
underneath the shoulders. Then find that soft
micro bend as you slowly, slowly press into the
outer edges of the feet, bring the hands to the waistline and then rise up nice
and slow and strong. Feel that flush of
energy so don’t fidget here. Notice how you feel,
stand up nice and tall. Big superhero pose. And so you have your
center energy activated here, whether you realize it or not. So don’t let it spill out. See if you can
contain that by bringing one heel in first
and then the other. Great, now the
toes are pointing out, heels are in. We’re gonna inhale
in here and then exhale, bend the knees,
drop your center down. If you need to walk
your feet in just little bit, you can here but stay
connected to your core. Great, inhale reach
the fingertips up high as you bend the knees. And then exhale float them down. Keep the knees bent. Inhale, reach up high,
you got it. And then exhale, bent,
keep ’em bent. Sorry, inhale, reach
the fingertips up high. This time exhale hands to heart. Horse Pose or Goddess Pose. You got it. Kind of welcoming
that shake, that fire, that burn, that Prana.
You got it. Take a deep breath in here,
keep the knees bent. Exhale, hands come to
the tops of the thighs. Bend the knees a little
more and then you’re gonna drop your left shoulder in. Last bit of twists here. Right shoulder out, inhale. Exhale, come back to center,
keep the knees bent. Inhale, exhale. And then right shoulder down,
left shoulder open. Nice, beautiful, inhale.
Come back to center. Now you’re gonna go
twice more on each side. I’ll let you do
it in your own time, with the rhythm of your breath. Last one. Awesome and then slowly, hands come back to center,
you got this. With control,
stand up nice and tall. Beautiful, nice and easy. You’re gonna heel-toe the
feet in towards each other. And then zip the
legs up super duper tight. Squeeze the legs together. Inhale in, exhale,
bend the knees, send your hips back. Fingertips are
gonna reach forward. Right arm’s gonna come
underneath the left for Eagle Arms here. You can keep it just like this
or you can maybe double cross. Then here we go, drop
your center even more. Shift your weight
to your left foot, lift your right heel. You might just stay here,
breathing into your belly. That low diaphragmatic breath. Or maybe we lift the
right knee up and cross it over. Again, you can wrap
again here if you like here. Really focus on the
sensation rather than just choo trying to get there. Beautiful, lift your heart,
lift your chest. Sink a little deeper,
one more breath. Inhale. And then exhale to unravel. Mountain Pose. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Beautiful, bend the knees. Send the fingertips forward. This time left arm’s
gonna come underneath. We’re ending with Eagle Pose
today so stay focused. Stay with me. Lift your left heel up. Connect to your center. Then here we go,
squeeze and lift. Maybe shift your
weight to your right foot, lift your left knee up high. Cross it over. You can keep this big
toe on the ground here too. And here we go, sinking
a little bit deeper here. Hold on to your focus. Welcome that heat. Burning away that
which no longer serves. Purifying, detoxifying. Not just the physical body but
the energetic body as well with our practice and our focus and our dedication
to our breath. Nice, slowly release. Bring both feet
to the ground, unravel. Mountain Pose. Now, close your eyes. Observe your breath here. Try not to fidget. And just take a
second to be yourself. Whatever that feels like today. Whatever that looks like. Drop the, just drop everything. Alright, listen to your body,
listen to your heart. Slowly draw the hands together. And we’ll bring the thumbs
right up to the third eye. Listen to that inner teacher. That third eye, your intuition. Take a deep breath in. And together we bow
and whisper Namaste. (upbeat music)