Z NATION | Season 4, Episode 9: Disgruntled Employees | SYFY

Hey, guys! Guys, I need a little
help here. Renfro is hurt. I’m okay.
It’s not that bad. I need some help here! Come on! Intern, get him some water. Everyone has gone insane. What do you mean everyone? Everyone out there. You’re bleeding. Some dude just bit Renfro. Get the first aid kit! What?
Somebody bit him? The survivors from the crash, they were burned so bad,
but they… They were in shock. I don’t think so, man!
They bit Mike! I’m the one in shock. Mobs. Looting.
People need to stay inside. Survivors, not safe. You good to go on? Hell yeah. Okay.
We go live in two minutes. You’re so professional. Maybe we should take him
to the hospital. Nah, this will fix him up
just fine. Oh boy. Renfro is looking
really rough, isn’t he? Brutal. Absolutely brutal. I just hope he’s okay. Yeah. Everybody settle, please. I’m Jack Kingman. We interrupt
this program for an Action News 9 special report.
The crash of Midwest Air Flight 409.
I’m Carly McFadden. Our own Mike Renfro has just
returned from the site of this disaster.
Mike, tell us in your own words what you saw at the crash site.
Mike, I know this was a harrowing experience for you,
so try to collect yourself if you can and tell us what it was
like seeing those passengers emerge from the wreckage
of Midwest Air Flight 409? Mike?
Can you tell us what you saw? [vomiting] [screaming] [screaming] Uh, we will check back with
Mike? Can we get a medic?
The man is ill. Sweet lord!
Mike? Talk to me, buddy. [screaming]
[growling] [muffled screaming] [screaming] [growling] Oh, good lord.
Go to commercial. Public service announcement. Even a promo.
Get security in here quick! State authorities have
instituted a curfew effective immediately.
Everyone is urged to stay indoors.
It is unclear how the violent mob behavior
is related to the crash of Midwest Air Flight 409. [growling] Get the first aid kit! [growling] [growling and munching] We will continue to bring you
team coverage as this story Come on, we got to go. As this story develops. I’m
Carly McFadden. Be safe. Action News 9. [screaming] [muffled screaming] [screaming] [growling] Oh my God. What is happening,
Doug? You know my name? Focus! What happened to Renfro? I think he turned into a zombie. What? No! I dunno. Come on! [muffled screaming] We need to get to the roof! And also grab a camera. [screaming and growling
continue] [screaming and growling
continue] [growling] Renfro. Easy.
We’re gonna get you some help. Antibiotics. That is what
you need. Some antibiotics. We’re gonna get that for you. Ah damn, Bruce. Is this about
the contract renegotiation? Remember this, sir. I have won nine local Emmy’s for
this station. Nine of them. Nine.
And I’m the face of the station. No offense. I mean you’re
important too, Renfro. You really are. That series you did on the
homeless, I mean that was great. I couldn’t have been down
there for a week like that with those people! [screaming]
[munching] [muffled screaming and munching] [screaming]
[munching] [munching]