Zurvive Episode 1: First Aid Kit Review

Hey this is Danny and Josh from Zurvive And today we’re going to be reviewing Zurvive’s First Aid kit. Latex gloves Hydrogen Peroxide Cotton ball Five-hour Energy A finger splint A dick splint Advil Liqui-Gels Tylenol Polysporin Lighter Gravol Eye Droppers Throat lozenges Hand sanitizer Q-Tips Tums Space blanket Ponch Band-Aids Alcohol pads Safety pins A head lamp Pressure bandage Medical tape Tensor bandage Medical masks An arm sling An instant cold pack First Aid guide Tongue depressors Gauze More gauze Gauze, gauze, gauze… Gauze You already did gauze. I don’t care! So that’s all for today on Zurvive, and remember… Keep on Zurviving!